August 18, 2014

The greatest car test ever?

I'm not even going to add anything.  If you  haven't already, watch it and see if you can.  

It's perfect.  EVO is still king,


  1. Magnificent. If you posted this each day, I'd happily watch it...

  2. yup one the greatest videos from evo for sure, do you know what happens to 5 mil they used to insure Mclaren f1 ? i assume they would get that money back.

  3. EVO is definitely king. The analogue era had an awesome run. I'm pretty excited to see where the digital era goes. Change is good.

  4. It's the same deal as your car insurance, just far more expensive and short term. I'm sure that it cost a pretty penny, but it's high thousands to low tens of thousands for the day or two they're actually using the car. They didn't need £5m in their account. You cut down on costs by being as narrow as possible with what the insurance covers and doesn't, and roll it in with your main production insurance to get a better deal.


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