August 17, 2014

Human after all

Marquez and Iannone getting physical 

Marc Marquez could not break the record with an eleventh consecutive win this year.
Marquez, said it's a weight off his back.   Maybe but I think all sportsmen are lying when they say they don't know or care about records.

It's not impossible the weight of expectations finally got to Marquez at Brno and if that's the case, it only makes him more likable,  nobody likes a robot.

Giacomo Agostini is probably happy, his record (of consecutive wins) is equalled but not broken.

After the race, attended by almost 140000 spectators,  it was always a pleasure to see Rossi, who was racing with tendon exposing road rash on his pinky because of a practice crash,  smile and be happy even with third.  "...and it was great to beat Marquez... finally...for once".

You got to love the guy.

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