October 21, 2014

Yes, LaFerrari is really. really fast

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Fabio Mancini/Flickr

From crappy to proper driving:  let's revisit with our favorite LaFerrari driver at Monza.

Fabio Mancini/Flickr
Monza runs a version of the Nürburgring tourist days, a casual track day where you just show up, pay and go.  Before anyone gets all bent out of shape, this is what you are watching, helmets are not required because only street cars are allowed.

Now, that first lap in the video, straight out of pit lane, casually driven  while dodging assorted econoboxes and having to essentially park in a number of places, is still as sub 2 minute lap.

That is incredibly fast.  A Ferrari Challenge EVO on slicks driven by one of the fastest Challenge drivers on the planet will do 1:50 in qualifying.  The LaFerrari, on street legal tires, driven casually in shirtsleeves chatting with a friend in the right seat and going slow in the parts of the lap is less than ten seconds slower?  

That's just sick, Track Day World Championship winner for sure.

October 20, 2014

Battle of the knobs: US vs UK

They both use the "elbow on window" driving technique for better cornering but who prevails,

Left Hand Drive?

or Right Hand Drive?

October 18, 2014

Hooning LaFerrari

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You remember of course all those Enzo and FXX track videos we first posted here on Axis and subsequently spread to the whole internet,  right?

Well, or favorite Italian hypercar hooner has recently upgraded.  Gone is the black Enzo and the Black FXX with the Italian colors on the spoiler and in comes a badass Black LaFerrari.

You may find the name ludicrous but so is the power of this beast. Not too many owners will have the will and the skill to vaporize those 345 rear tires using every one of this 960 HP in a way that will make Chris Harris green with envy.  Felipe Massa maybe.

Please note the speed this car picks up speed going sideways and imagine what it must be under full traction.  


Deal with the devil?

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One of the inevitable questions about Alonso' future many are asking is, how could he go to Mclaren and why would Ron Dennis ever want him back after the fallout of the "spy gate" scandal of 2007.

Mclaren were slapped with a $100 million fine for getting a hold of Ferrari inside information and though the team was later able to write off the the penalty as a loss, it was still a big enough blow that Ron Dennis stopped away from racing for a few years.

Now he's back and first thing is he hires Alonso?

it turns out, Alonso is still the bane of his existence because, as you know, Mclaren will be the only team to get the new Honda power units in 2015 and guess what comes in a package with the Japanese engines?

You got it,  Alonso will not sign with Mclaren because, it's been said, he signed with Honda for a hefty 35 million Euro a season ($44M).   It also means that, theoretically, Alonso would be free to move to any other future Honda powered team should it prove more competitive.  Alonso would return to Mclaren not as a Mclaren employee.

This must drive Dennis bonkers,  he needs Honda money and motors and having to take his old nemesis back must be a bitter ofpill to swallow.   Of course, in this devil's bargain, he's getting the best and possibly the hungriest driver in F1 at the moment so he'll be all right with the right antacid medication and some xanax.

For his part, Fernando is off somewhere enjoying some water sports and tweeting #TheBestIsYetToCome...  hey, is that a Honda water bike?

October 16, 2014

Sliding a priceless C-Type through Monaco, is it better not to see?


You don't look over a C-Type steering wheel, you see through it

When I saw this clip of Alex Buncombe sliding the JD Classics Jaguar C-Type, I  went back to check my pictures from this year's Monaco Historic Grand Prix.

As the often priceless machinery ripped around Massenet and onto Casino, I was taking pictures from the inside of the square and I remembered wondering how in the world Alex could see anything over that gigantic, school bus sized steering wheel.

As it turns out, he's just the right size and seated low enough in the car that he was watching those monegasque guard rails THROUGH the steering wheel!

Check it out.

Buncombe led that race flag to flag after putting the bronze Jaguar on pole, The C-Type is one of 55 ever made and is no garage queen despite being worth many millions.  Originally driven by Juan Manuel Fangio it had just done the historic Mille Miglia earlier this year, driven by Buncombe and Chris Harris.

Buncombe made it look easy and  fun around Monaco but remember these cars have crappy tires and , by modern standards, no brakes.

Check out what vintage braking points look like.

October 13, 2014

It sucks to be GoPro today


GoPro hit hard by bad journalism

Google "GoPro and Schumacher" today and you'll be submerged by articles blaming the camera for Schumacher's injuries.   This uproar caused a 10% drop in GoPro share prices.

Basically it sucks to be GoPro today.  But it really should not.

Questions about the role a helmet cam may have played in the skiing accident, came up this past February but this latest furor started last week with an article in Italy's Gazzetta Dello Sport. It reported  on what French F1 journalist Jean Louis Moncet claimed in a radio interview.

Here is the actual interview, a quick google search away.  The relevant bit is at 6:22

Jules Bianchi : la F1 est-elle un sport... by Europe1fr

So what did Moncet say?  Asked if he had any news of Schumcher, Montcet says

"I have news of Schumacher, I saw his son very recently and he's (Schumacher) waking up slowly.  But you know, Schumacher, for him it was not the shock, it was the pillar of the GoPro he had on his helmet which pierced his brain.  So he's waking slowly, he's at his home and there he has his whole life ahead of him to get better."

Those four lines have been elevated online to a "new report".  It is interesting to note that the actual accident investigation ruled out the camera as being a factor in Schumacher injury.  He hit the rock with the side of his head, skiers mostly mount cameras in the middle of the helmet.

More to the point Moncet, in a tweet,  basically said he was just talking out his butt on that radio interview.

OK,  so everyone from Gawker to Business Insider to the NYPost to Autoblog all just repeated what they read somewhere,  without even the minimum of checking on this new "report" and GoPro's stock tanked.  

It sucks to be GoPro today.

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