November 28, 2015

Rosberg takes final pole of 2015.

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You might argue racing left a bit to be desired in 2015 but you cannot deny the 2015 Formula 1 cars are mighty things.

You don't think so?  Ride along with Nico Rosberg as he scores his sixth consecutive pole in Abu Dhabi, adding an exclamation point to Mercedes' almost complete domination this season.

Rosberg was almost 4/10th faster than his teammate, a huge margin considering they are in the same car.

Third place for Raikkonen who needs to end the season on a high and beat the other Finn who many had said should be in his Ferrari seat.

Ferrari needs Kimi to do well after their spectacular fail, telling Vettel to abort his  final lap in Q1 when it was obvious times were dropping like stones.   Anyone can screw up but that sort of thing looked like it had been eradicated from the Scuderia's pit wall.

Guess not,  as Lauda would say,  "it's bullshit!"

November 27, 2015

Vettel sings Happy Birthday.

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Does this man know something we don't?

Because he sure is in a good mood despite a rather "non-headliny" Free Practice 2 in Abu Dhabi today.

Further analysis shows his long run pace to be suspiciously close to the two Mercedes.
Time for Toto to turn up the engines to 11? ( or is it 9.5...)

As for Seb,  maybe he couldn't care less about Instagram or those who accuse him of not caring about promoting the sport but, for sure,  he just gained another million fans.

November 20, 2015

Why Hamilton is not Senna.

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Lewis Hamilton fans get irate with us when we point out attitudes that, in our eyes, are not worthy of a champion and a driver with  his undeniable talent.  

But somebody has to.

The vast majority of motorsport journalism is UK-centric, like the sport itself and Hamilton gets a pass on most of his off track pronouncements.  When, as it was reported this week, he slams his rivals and colleagues,  it gets glossed over by adoring writers.  

But it should not.

Axis is not alone of course,  Leo Turrini is one of the deacons of Italian sport journalism,  he is full of admiration for the Briton's talent but in a column this week, nails the problem with Hammy.

There is something rather discordant, writes Turrini, in the way Hamilton has been publicly  trying to diminish Rosberg's belated resurgence (and slamming his colleagues and rivals, from Schumacher to Vettel, Webber and Raikkonen).
Senna, who Hamilton, compares himself to often absolutely hated Prost as a human being, Turin says.  At least  until after '93 when "the Professor" retired, then they became great friends.

Despite the animosity,  Senna never once spoke ill of Prost's driving talent.  He considered him a great champion and said so every chance he got.
Nigel Mansell praised Piquet even though he wanted to punch him often.

Schumacher  always praised Hakkinen.

Vettel has always spoke highly of Alonso.


Because they were smart enough to realize that if they went around saying their rivals were no good, what would be diminished is their own accomplishment in beating them.

Hamilton seems incapable of grasping this concept.

That's why, concludes Turrini, he's no Senna.

We could not agree more.

November 18, 2015

Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport

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As previewed here a few weeks back, the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport was unveiled today at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

2850 lbs,  PDK, GT3 Cup front suspension and brakes, simple 5 lug wheels and, crucially for a Porsche race car, ABS (adjustable with 12 stages to boot).

As we had mentioned,  this car will be racing in the US as a one make series under the auspices of PCA Club Racing and will be eligible for Pirelli World Challenge.

Press release below.

Making all the right noises: 1974 Porsche RSR

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If you prefer cars that go VROOM rather than fzzzzz.

Let's ride with racing legend Bobby Rahal onboard a 1974 Porsche RSR for the final two laps of the Group B race at this years Classic 24 at Daytona, sponsored by HSR.

Campaigned  by gentleman racer George Dyer  in IMSA GTO it was a winner at the 1977 12 Hours of Sebring.

Nice to see even a legend like Rahal can crunch a gear sometimes!.

November 15, 2015

Rosberg frustrates Hamilton in Brazil.

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In what turned out to be a rather dull race up front, Nico Rosberg capitalized on is Saturday pole performance by dominating Lewis Hamilton who, for his part, lamented overtaking was not possible at Interlagos.

After blaming his mother and a cold for his early morning Zonda crash in Monaco and skipping the traditional post qualifying photo Saturday, today the British instagram star blamed the circuit.

I guess "18 year old" Max Verstappen didn't get the message.

For the second race in row, Mercedes gave both drivers identical strategies.  Toto Wolff confirmed this was to keep the peace within the team.   Indeed  Mercedes has been consistent, always basing strategy on the driver leading and it's interesting there wasn't really that much complaining about it when Hamilton was on a winning streak.

Be that as it may,  F1 needs to stop being a strategist's world championship and get back to being a driver's championship.    Drivers should be the ones making the calls on their tire and brake wear,  those sensors hold be eliminated.   If Hamilton wanted to try a crazy strategy today as he did in Monaco, he should have been allowed to.  

Unfortunately the reality of the prize money for points scheme likely means even Mercedes cannot risk entertaining the fans beyond turn one....

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