September 29, 2015

Another reminder Alex Zanardi is tougher than you.

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(photo: BMW)
Alessandro Zanardi was competing in his first Berlin Marathon this past week end when the chain on his hand bike broke, 9 km from the finish.

Lesser men would have given up, not Alex who was determined to finish and rolled the bike with his hands the remaining five and half miles to the finish.

"I started the race on a handbike and I finished on an improvised pram"  tweeted Zanna " But I will be back for my revenge in 2016!"


Red Bull Logic

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Red Bull wants an engine, but not any engine, they want the same exact one that will push Vettel and Raikkonen next year.

If they don't get it, they say they will quit.

Mercedes already told them where they can go, Ferrari has offered them this year's engine for next year, at a hefty price.

Perhaps the Red Bull boys should have thought this through before shitting all over Renault.  

Ecclestone got in the middle of it all saying "Ferrari is scared" of providing RBR with an equal engine.   Curiously F1's big man has not said the same of Mercedes who refused outright.  Go figure....

Red Bull are certainly in the position to hurt F1 if they pull out of the sport, but it will probably cost them more in penalties than it would to limp along for the remaining 5 years of their commitment.

It's possible Red Bull had been counting on VW-Audi to get involved though given the timeline of the Diesel-gate scandal, it's hard to imagine they must have gotten much encouragement from Ingolstadt recently.

For months there have been suggestions Red Bull might seek to buy out CVC and gain control of the commercial side of the sport.   Everything is for sale for the right price I suppose but the idea seems too incestuous even for F1.

On the other hand, Red Bull certainly know how to organize things....   except F1 engine supplies.

September 26, 2015

Kvyat crash leaves Mercedes on pole in Japan

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The massive shunt on the approach to the Suzuka turn 11 hairpin left Kvyat OK, a Red Bull in pieces and Nico Rosberg on top of the standings  by 7/100th over Hamilton and 4/10th from Bottas.

The Russian Reb Buller's off forced many drivers to abort their second attempt in Q3. Bottas, who was ahead of the crash improved his time.   Vettel is 6/10th behind in P4.

There is a very good chance of rain forecast for Sunday though the bulk of it should come after the race.  

September 21, 2015

Watch Ferrari crew engage in appalling, thug-like behavior ....

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Noted British scarf wearing photographer Darren Heath was first to sound the alarm:

Wow  what could have happened here....  the FIA was alerted,  letters were sent, punishment promised.

Turns out, after pulling off the biggest upset of the 2015 Formula 1 season so far, Ferrari's mechanics were a bit too enthusiastic and pushed aside some barriers and some photographers in their  desire to share in the victory celebrations.

Check out the  dastardly deeds of these "thugs".   Can you IMAGINE?   Pushing aside some of the 50 or so snappers all trying to shoot the same picture?  The nerve of these hooligan Ferrari mechanics and techs daring to get in the way, possibly ruining a certain Pulitzer prize moment.

Heath, who is a fantastic photographer of cars but whose personal work off the track is as dull, derivative and empty as his soul must be,  has been bitching about Ferrari since the first race this season in Australia.

Apparently Ferrari security had dared deny him access to the private VIP areas and he took it personally calling Ferrari management a bunch of "tobacco peddling James Bond villains".  

Clearly he's yet to get over that slight.

Thug like?  Please Darren...  Scarf don't make you Natchway.

Whiners like Heath are but one of the reasons so many think life has been sucked out of F1.    Another example?  Flag-gate.

Vettel wanted to bring a yellow Scuderia flag to wave on the podium but no,  you 'd think he threatened to brandish an AK47.

Check out how freaked out FIA/FOM personnel is.

Really F1?


Meanwhile, in Brazil, 17 year old Pedro Piquet...

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Pedro Piquet will race F3 in Europe in 2016
Nelson Piquet's youngest son Pedro had a hell of a scare when he was punted off the track during a Brazilian Porsche GT3 Cup race at the Autodromo Ayrton Senna in Goiania, Brazil.

The car was dug into the dirt sending young Piquet for a washing machine spin cycle.     Pedro suffered cuts to his hand and bruises everywhere, including his face but nothing deemed too serious, which is astounding considering the violence of the crash.


(via ItaliaRacing)

September 15, 2015

Goodbye and Hello.

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Alex Roy recommended the southern route

There is a reason Axis has slowed down recently:  life decided a major change of direction was in order and I am moving from New York to...


That's right, Axis is going West Coast.

It will be fascinating  to live in one of the cradles of automotive culture, the land that gave us the Zero Fucks Given RX7  and Singer 911s and where are both celebrated in their own ways.
California is also the land that will likely destroy the car as we know it, transforming most into robotic delivery appliances, possibly in my lifetime.

But not quite yet.

To me California will always be the impossible cool exemplified by Stephen Mitchell and his GTO hooning friends in the early 70s.

In the meantime, I look forward to meeting new friends, learning about local car culture, canyons and hopefully getting tips on California tracks like Willow Springs....waking up three hours earlier to watch F1.

And yes, I WILL drive Laguna Seca!

So if you see a funny looking M car running around,  by all means come say hello and point me in the right direction.


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