March 27, 2015


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You'll remember how, after the Australian GP in Melbourne two weeks ago, Red Bull was telling everyone who would listen how they might quit F1 if there was no engine equalization, if wind tunnels were not eliminated and god knows what else...

At the same time Renault was making its displeasure at being used as a punching bag by Red Bull. crystal clear.

No surprise this week end's team manager presser was a rather joyless affair, especially when both Christian Horner and Cyril Abiteboul tried to walk back their earlier comments.

Here is Horner:

now Abitboul's turn

Of course, don't believe for a moment Renault is not considering options

There was also some interesting discussion of F1 income redistribution...

and someone tried to trap Horner in the current rumor that has Red Bull buying F1

Ah the art of saying things without saying anything, or is it denying while telling a lot?

March 26, 2015

Do you know how to use your tires properly?

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Last minute call to register for our friend Ross Bentley's Get Smart About Your Tires & Drive Faster webinar this week end.

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You know your four tires connect you to the track and they play a huge role in your car’s speed.

But do you know how they really work?

Do you know how to get the most out of your tires?

In the Get Smart About Your Tires & Drive Faster webinar, Paul Haney and Ross Bentley bring you technical explanations you can understand about how tires work, plus practical tips so you can drive faster.

The webinar series consists of four 90-minutes sessions presented by Paul Haney, author of The Racing & High-Performance Tire, and hosted by Ross Bentley, who will add his personal experience of more than three decades of race driving and coaching to Paul’s three decades of engineering experience.

Here’s your chance to gather over 60 years of experience in just 6 hours, which will ultimately lead to you being faster around the track.

Each session is a one-hour presentation, with thirty minutes for questions.
The webinar series runs on March 30, 31, April 6, 7; 8:30-10:00pm Eastern/5:30-7:00pm Pacific.

More info HERE at

Alonso and McLaren, they both can't be right about the accident.

More drama in F1 ahead of the Malaysian GP as Alonso's version of events just raises more questions.

Fernando Alonso,  asked about his testing accident during the FIA Thursday press conference, flat out contradicted his team's version of events.  

After the crash, McLaren blamed a sudden gust of wind, something that was ridiculed by everyone but the most rabid McLarenistas.

"...even a hurricane would not move the car at that speed. Also if you have any problem, medical issue, normally you will lose power and go straight to the outside, never to the inside."

said Fernando adding:

"...It's clear that there was a problem in the car. It's not found on the data at the moment."

but at the same time Alonso said he

 "fully trust(s) the team. They have been one month looking at every single component on the car, doing so many tests, changing every single part which they had some doubts about."

The situation in a very odd one.  Does anyone really believe McLaren is not fully aware if the steering had locked, as Alonso claims, causing the accident?

Where is the video? Why are versions of event during and after the accident so different when told by Alonso, McLaren and emergency personnel?

We hope Alonso is as fine as he claims to be and can add some much needed spice to the race this week end, we are not sure the relationship with McLaren is necessarily off to the best of starts.

You can read the full transcript of Alonso's Press conference answers HERE

March 25, 2015

Tiff Needell nails it on Jeremy Clarkson


Do you really need to read another opinion piece on Jeremy Clarkson getting sacked?   God no.

Frankly, Tiff Needle says all that needs to be said right here,

March 24, 2015

Thank god for traction control!

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You know how so many Ferrari owners take themselves and their cars so terribly seriously and everyone gets off hating on them and red cars?...

Here's is your antidote.

Move over Tax the Rich!

Hell of a testament to the abilities of the Ferrari stability control too.

Renault: It's hard to have a partner who lies.


"It's hard to have a partner who lies."

that rather stunning public statement comes from Cyril Abiteboul, Renault Sport F1's Managing Director in an interview given to France's Auto Hebdo.  

"We started the season with many new technical development,  some very late.   I'm not making excuses,  other managed it, we did not.   Finding ourselves in this situation is scandalous, frustrating and sad."

But, adds Abiteboul, Red Bull's performance deficit is not exclusively Renault's fault.

"Red Bull has some chassis issues, especially when it comes to rear end stability.  This combined with our problem makes for a very difficult car to drive."

Asked to comment on Adrian Newey saying the only problem with the car is the Renault engine, Abiteboul added:

"It's hard to have a partner who lies.    Adrian Newey is a charming gentleman and an outstanding engineer but he spent his life criticizing his engine manufacturers, he's too old to change."

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