August 19, 2014

Cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Sometimes a nose job is needed to improve  breathing, most of the time it's a cosmetic procedure meant to improve looks.

A birdy told us a new, more conventional looking Caterham nose, to debut at Spa this week end,  performed worse than the old, weird looking one in the wind tunnel.

But the new management at Caterham wants something new, to signal change if anything so they got a new nose.   Given the team's rather disastrous results under Tony Fernandez's leadership, why not?   Frankly, Caterhams have been so bad it might be hard to tell.

In the end, cosmetics may indeed be as useful to the team as aerodynamics as it seeks to attract sponsorship for the future.

Lotus night also be seen in practice sessions with a conventional nose as it prepares for next year when its forked nose will not be allowed.

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