June 16, 2014

Oh Oh....

Here's is the video from Pete's off at Road Atlanta we had told you about over the week end.  He was too optimistic with his turn in speed into turn one, almost saved it.  Data showed he hit at 56 mph.

Pete was unhurt.

Overnight frame straightening, $525.
Two e30 fenders: maybe a couple hundred in a pinch.
Good safety features at a race track:  Priceless.


  1. Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.Monday, June 16, 2014 10:40:00 PM

    It's almost scary how likable he is. Total gentleman, upbeat, and truly enthusiastic about sport. The guy has more money than god, and 9 more championships than god, but he races his Dainese-covered butt off purely for the love of racing. What a guy.


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