June 15, 2014

Axis celebrates the spirit of Audi....

Axis Pete Thibault decided to celebrate the spirit of Audi at Le Mans with his own crash and rebuild.

There was no was something as minor as a major high speed crash was going to keep Pete from the SpecE30 race at Road Atlanta.    It was a 15 hour tow from Jersey and his first visit to the daunting Georgia track.  The idea was to get aquatinted with it ahead of NASA's national championship there later in the summer.

An overoptimistic entry into turn one on the first lap of qualifying resulted in wheels off, a snap spin on the damp grass and a 56 mph hit into the barrier.   Lucky for Pete, Road Atlanta has adequate tire walls there: Axis 343 was pretty bent but he was OK.

Some may have called it quits but he found a local body shop with a chassis jig.  Overnight they pulled it, slapped on a couple of fenders and this morning Pete qualified P5 for today's race!   


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