July 29, 2012

Meanwhile at Spa...

the 2012 Total 24 Hours of Spa turned into a motorboat race for a while, whith predictable results...

Mclaren is making a big push in GT3 customer racing with two cars in the PRO category and seven in Pro-AM.

Oh and note to self,  don't touch the inside curb between Eau Rouge and Radillion!


Live Timing

In the end, Audi won another endurance race, congratulation.

Looks like the race was a major apocalypse for Mclaren. Maybe Leo Parente messed with their buttons!...


  1. The Official Highlights! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F9wyIl4HpQ

  2. 1:00 Complete FAIL from Adam Christodoulou on the McLaren nº 62 that got him excluded from the rest of the race... cutting the line for the pit lane... really... bad luck for Audi Nº5 :(
    2:30 Porsche really knows how to make a pit entry :p
    2:37 No lights and fails the braking point? yes Mclaren thats the kind marketing you get for not having an official team... Guess who's next failing the braking? yup... nº 62...
    2:56 That's what it should be all about... having fun!
    4:10 This is what driving at night is about... complete darkness in a heavyyyy wet track, let the epicness begin! And a chance for Mclaren cars to keep doing more and more mistakes...
    5:37 Hey Aston Martin... did you lose something?
    6:00 Haaa maybe it's from Ferrari my apologies :)
    6:19 Audi got jealous of all that cutting weight going on and decided to also get a little lighter
    7:03 who decided on the location of the in-car cameras? Please fire the damn guy...
    7:19 wake up! your on tv! prettend to be interested on your son being racing :D
    7:31 Casually walking past the pit lane with my blond girlfriend... there are race cars here, uhhhh!
    7:38 DO NOT touch the inside curb between Eau Rouge and Radillion!
    9:22 And another Audi squadron over the finnish line! even if BMW was 3rd no one will remember that.
    9:45 This is what endurance racing is all about... mental and physical strenght!

    1. Great summary! Lol. Was 9:45 serious though? Must have been epic to watch that :)

  3. Thx :) I just felt like writting what I was thinking when looking at the video this time :)

    Omar, yes it was... they ended up in 38º overall and raced the entire 24h with 338laps... great effort from the guy :)


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