September 25, 2009

Petit LeMans Live Qualifying!

YOu can check out the Live Timing from the race HERE

And don't miss the live onboard cameras from the race HERE
Qualifying is now over, tune in tomorrow morning at 11 AM Eastern time to Speed TV for the start.
In qualifying the surprise is the Ford GT40 on pole for GT2 but the whole field is realy close, so it should be a good race.

Pos  Drivers                       Cl   Car             Time
1. Minassian/Lamy P1 Peugeot 1m06.937s
2. Sarrazin/Montagny P1 Peugeot 1m07.160s
3. Capello/McNish P1 Audi 1m08.200s
4. Luhr/Werner P1 Audi 1m08.228s
5. De Ferran/Pagenaud/Dixon P1 Acura 1m08.348s
6. Panis/Lapierre/Dumas P1 ORECA 1m09.566s
7. Field/Field P1 Lola 1m09.685s
8. Leitzinger/Franchitti/Devlin P2 Lola-Mazda 1m10.152s
9. Drayson/Cocker/Bell P1 Lola 1m10.552s
10. Pickett/Graf/Maassen P2 Porsche 1m11.405s
11. Fernandez/Diaz P2 Acura 1m11.758s
12. Burgess/McMurry/Willman P1 Lola 1m12.676s
13. Murry/Robertson/Robertson GT2 Doran Ford 1m20.819s
14. Sutherland/Drissi/Bell GT2 Riley Corvette 1m20.877s
15. Beretta/Gavin/Fassler GT2 Corvette 1m20.912s
16. Muller/Milner/Muller GT2 BMW 1m20.981s
17. Hand/Auberlen/Priaulx GT2 BMW 1m21.219s
18. Bergmeister/Long/Lieb GT2 Porsche 1m21.299s
19. Magnussen/O'Connell/Garcia GT2 Corvette 1m21.491s
20. Farnbacher/James GT2 Panoz 1m21.648s
21. Henzler/Werner GT2 Porsche 1m21.760s
22. Melo/Kaffer/Salo GT2 Ferrari 1m22.718s
23. Sellers/Cicero GT2 Porsche 1m23.081s
24. Feinberg/Hall GT2 Dodge 1m23.121s
25. Law/van Overbeek/Neiman GT2 Porsche 1m25.601s



  1. AC, loved the coverage, even though i lost 65 min of work time! The rain should make the race very exciting.

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