September 25, 2009


Formula 1 is kind of in the crapper right now but lets give a shout out to the drivers.

I love digging through clips for little moments like this: Free practice 1, Rubens Barrichello has a glitch with his gearbox. Take a look at how many buttons he has to press to work through the problem. He also has to keep the car on the track, drive at a sufficient pace, look in his mirrors.
And that does not even include thinking about Formula 1 politics, Flavio in a tanga, next year's contract and any possible plots against you by your team mate!

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Nice! I watched the first practice session on TV and I happened to watch a car's lap from the inside of the car's view. Thing is, I hadn't paid attention to who the driver was, only to the scenery and the driving really. Then it came to me the thinking that it was a cool driving style and could be Rubens'. Needless to say, it was him! It was probably his best lap of the first session. Very cool that you brought this up as well. Among Rubens' undertakings today, one was cool by how he was able to recover from some loss of grips which put him withing inches of the wall with him fighting the car to keep it on track.

    Avoiding dumb crashes makes for good drivers and I am glad Rubens is that good. I cheer for Rubens even if I know that he does not give it all he has on the races, as if he was saving a few tenths all the time just to keep it all out of trouble, whereas other drivers might have tried to extract that little extra that can cause them trouble sooner or later. Felipe Massa going out of track during a rainy Japan race and keeping his foot on the throttle and disputing position for instance. Hopefully he is going to keep it exciting when he comes back.

  2. It really pisses me off that SpeedTV doesn't broadcast the race in 16:9 on there standard definition channel. Its almost worth waiting the extra 10hrs to obtain a well done torrent and watching that commercial free.

  3. texting while driving suddenly looks not that dangerous

  4. @Shiwei

    Maybe for an F1 driver...

  5. Post something on Romain Grosjean. That's just stupid fun. SAME CORNER!

  6. "any any possible plots by your teammate" haha you really made my day. thanks.

  7. Incredible multitasking, I'm sure this is just a walk in the park for Rubens...


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