September 24, 2009

Drivers react to the Renault-Piquet affair.

Robert Kubica: "In the end the truly guilty got away with it"

Giancarlo Fisichella: " Immunity for Piquet was not right and the penalty for Briatore excessive"

Jarno Trulli: "Briatore knows little or nothing about strategy, it's weird that he would be the one who paid the highest price"

Mark Webber: "I'm saddened because I cannot imagine another manager I would be as comfortable with"

More supportive of Piquet was Nico Rosberg " In the end Piquet helped the FIA to get rid of people who should not have been in Formula 1."

Kimi Raikkonen, about Piquet: "it's hard to come back after something like that" and about Briatore: "That's the price you pay when you do these things"

Fernando Alonso, not surprising, "It's time to put the scandal behind us"

Oh yeah and Kimi keeps repeating he has a Ferrari contract for 2010 but he also apparently has a Mclaren one in his back pocket.

And more rumors.... USF1 project in trouble, they are looking for Toyota engines which means Kazuki Nakajima....


  1. Hahaha!

    Fernando Alonso, Not surprising, "It's time to put the scandal behind us"

  2. Just had to take a look-in after catching the word 'supportive' on Google, knowing how Rosberg feels about NPJ. I'd say that's a bit generous towards his view, considering his caveat after the quote: "The thing is that on the one hand without him, the whole thing wouldn’t have come out, so he helped to take these two people out of the sport who created such a illegal incident. But on the other hand he was just as much involved as they were, so it’s a bit of a difficult one, I guess." - and he did just say this a couple of days before the PC: "The only thing I don’t quite understand is (why) Nelson Piquet Jr didn’t get anything. For me, he’s just as involved as the others because he is the one who actually did it and agreed to it."

    Minor point, I know; it just amused me. ;)


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