September 24, 2009

Rye NY, Sept 24 2009, by AC

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  1. Is that parked at a train station? Seems like the perfect commuter car until the MiTo shows up

  2. indeed it was, but CG is still the king of long term parking ballers! :o)

  3. One of these showed up to the Lime Rock Vintage Fest a few weekends ago. Although this is a different one seeings how this one has NY plates and the other us NJ.

    They are quite an astonishing car to see in person. The way the lines flow is very 60's esk. I guess Clarkson had good reason to get all jolly over them ;)

  4. Great sighting! I spotted an MC-12 in Pennsylvania last weekend, although it was hardly parked at a train station. Imagine my surprise!

  5. That's the first 8C delivered in the US, as evidenced by the license plate. It belongs to Jim Glickenhaus, the owner of the P4/5. I saw the 8C a few weekends back at the Fairfield Concours D'Elegance, and it had a parking sticker in the rear window. You can see it in the upper-left here:

    Good for him, he really drives all his cars.


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