September 23, 2009

Does Ari Vatanen have the stones to lead the FIA?

You tell me after watching this clip.

Of course there is one job where you have to be even crazier braver and that is navigator...

Speaking of Jean Todt, I had to chuckle at today's "endorsment" by Max Mosley"

"Jean will do a much better job than me in many, many ways," said Mosley, who has publicly endorsed Todt's bid to become president. "And in some ways he will upset the F1 teams less because he probably won't come up with the next big idea."

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  1. In a similar vein to my feelings towards Heidi Klum (and Flav's, no doubt), the thought of Ari Vatanen as FIA President makes my knees weak. I'm sure some will question his political ability, but those that do surely are unaware of his decade-long tenure as member of the EU Parliament. Also, Mosley's endorsement of Todt is suspiciously reminiscent of a line from Zoolander.

  2. In answer to the question: 'do you have stones?' I'd say when you get your co-pilot to say 'oh! dear God!' the answer is yes :)

  3. I love that first video. The way the co-driver stops and says "Dear god" when they go through the grid cracks me up every time.

    Ari WILL make an excellent president.

    I hope.

  4. Okay so anyone who can keep it on the floor whilst flying through such narrow roadways can surely brave the halls of politics and utter BS in the FIA today.

    DEAR GOD is right - this man has no fear of death and can thus take the FIA to new levels without fear of losing anything.

  5. Ari all the way.

    'oh, dear God!' - he was refering to the driver and please, please the future head of the FIA.

    The Todt/Schumacher years turned me from a Ferrari admirer to anything but.

    (Thankfully the current FOTA friendly, Massa loyal, sporting Ferrari administration is slowly regaining my admiration.)

    But Todt endorsed by Mosley will disappoint and sadden me more than I convey in short comments.

    THough what do we know about the legitamacy of the voting process? Many a strange decision/vote have been made in the past.

  6. If they really cared about the fans, then I say, let the fans vote for the new FIA president and be done with it!

    A.V.-That man has got some *attachments*! He's got my vote!

  7. Can some one help explain 2 words in the notes being read? What is meant by maybe and absolute? I have never heard any navigator says those words before.

  8. Suttvw - Couple of guesses, will probably be the notes written in the dry and relate to the situation ahead dependent on conditions. ie if weather damp "maybe" means lift and "absolute" will mean do what the note says whatever the change in condition since the notes.

    Or could be the days when everyone got the same notes from the rally organiser so would depend on car and testicular fortitude.


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