September 22, 2009

Listen to the FIA World Council Meeting recordings

Fascinating stuff if you have 77 minutes to give up...

Or maybe you prefer to load it on your iPod<--option/right Click

And the conclusions/sentence




  1. Can you make it available as a download please?

  2. So it was Nelson'Jr's idea that Symonds developed into a plan. Briatore goes along with it and he's the one who's pulverized because ...he did not say "my bad"? right, carry on, nothing to see here....

  3. Hah, so team principle has no responsibility in this case?

  4. humm
    so all you have to do after fixing a race is to fire the team principal and you walk freely? besides there was no hard evidence that it Briatore really was involved. NPJ says it was briatore who told him. Mr. Symonds says that NPJ came up with it. still Briatore is going down... this is a bit confusing to me.

  5. Since there is so much money involved in karting and car racing industry, not all things are fair, because everyone looks after his own interest.

  6. A deal between the FIA and Renault has been confirmed, Renault was allowed to stay in exchange for Briatore's head.... and all of a sudden Renault pull out a mysterious Mr. X....

    Fumigate the place!

  7. Here's how I see it:
    Piquet Symonds and Briatore all conspired to crash. Piquet did the crashing, then when he was going to be fired from Renault brought this suit against them. They are all guilty. I like Piquet, and have wanted him to do well, but I don't buy his line about being "under emotional pressure"
    What really gets me though is the punishments. Piquet was the one ultimately doing the crashing, and he walks. Briatore, was team pricipal, but his punishment is pretty clearly retaliation for the FOTA breakaway series threats earlier this year.
    Schumacher parked his car on the track, endangering drivers and fans and what happened to him? Not much.

    F1 is looking more and more like professional wrestling.

  8. It's a bit of a stretch to say Schumacher endangered fans in Monaco, (CG and I were there btw) where he stopped there is basically a wall and it's the slowest turn on the track...

    In any case at least he was punished (he had to start last) which is more than what Piquet got...

  9. Many doubts in my mind remain... There is still no consensus on the origin of the plan. I believe Nelson Piquet Sr. came up with the idea, then Jr. brought it to Symonds immediately after qualifying. Later the other two meetings in question occurred.

    Piquet Jr. claims to have told a family friend (Vargas) after the race. Why would he not tell his father first? Because his father already knew.

    I think Alonso was also told about it. The representative for Renault was smooth and eloquent with his speech, except for when he spoke of Alonso's innocence. At that point the representative stuttered like crazy.


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