September 7, 2008

Lewis Hamilton wins... but wins ugly

First off, before all the Hamilton fans get mad, let me give some kudos to Lewis for not playing it safe and settling for a second place which would have been very good for his championship quest. It was a great race and a great antidote for the horribly dull Valencia race.

Now to the question of the day.

Below is a clip of Hamilton's pass on Kimi Raikkonen which was put under investigation. There are two ways of looking at it.

Mclaren will argue that Hamilton did let Raikkonen back in front and thus gained no advantage. Ferrari will argue that if Hamilton had taken the corner he would never have been close enough to out-brake Raikkonen into La Source.

I don't like to see a race decided in court but I have to agree that Hamilton gained an advantage by his actions and everything that happened later was influenced by it.

What do you think?

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Well i'll be surprised if he gets let off this one. It's quite obvious that he gain advantage. No way he would have been able to side by side with Kimi past the finish line if he hadn't cut the Bus Stop chicane. Kimi was compromised.

    Wasn't like Hamilton lifted and let Kimi past.

  2. He'd have got him anyway. But He's been stripped of the win to ad excitement to the dull sport.

  3. I just saw the announcement of the penalty. I don't disagree totally with Anonymous above, Hamilton and Mclaren had the advantage in the damp conditions and may have very well passed Kimi.

    Now this raises a question about again about Hamilton's judgement. If he was so fast he might have tried Kimi after Kemel rather than trying a dodgy move like he did. Or he could have concentrated on his championship and take that second place... being a champion is also that.

    I still have to agree that he had in fact gained an advantage there.

    And once again Hamilton's whining about Raikkonen's "bumping" him does not endear him much.

  4. Hamilton's whining is worse than I thought...

    "Firstly, Kimi ran me wide. To avoid an incident, I had to go up that part of the track. There was no advantage. I lifted along the straight. I clearly let him past."

    You be the judge the clip is above

  5. Good, bad or ugly I'm just happy to see some real passing in a race. IIRC this was the first race this year where we had a pass for the race lead.


    HAmilton is an amazing driver but still I am pissed Kimi didn't pull a Senna on him, well, now we, see, this is RIGHT! justice is been served!



  7. Tifosi idiots abound I see... Morons.

  8. Agree with above. 'Dodgy' move? This is meant to racing, if you want a procession try Disney Land!

  9. Hamilton is a smug, self righteous prima dona. I've had it with him. He had a fight because of his car's superior use of the Bridgestones in the wet. Kimi drove like the champion that he is . . .

    Exciting racing or not, the result was and is a tragedy


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