September 7, 2008

Hamilton penalized 25 seconds, Massa gets Belgian GP win.

Heidfeld second, Hamilton third.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. BOOOOO!!!!!

    That's it! I have had it with Ferrari. I thought I only hated them because of Schumacher. Now I have a real reason.

    There was no justification for this. Hamilton was along side of Kimi comming in to the new-chicane, in front of him out of the new-chicane and he LIFTED to let Kimi by.

    BOOOO!!!!! BOOOO stewards!!!!! The FIA have a chance to make it right during the appeal process.


    HAmilton is an amazing driver but still I am pissed Kimi didn't pull a Senna on him, well, now we, see, this is RIGHT! justice is been served!



  3. Does anyone actuall know the rules on this? If it says that Hamilton needs to let Kimi pass, then he did nothing wrong and only went against the spirit of the rules, not the letter. If the FIA wanted to set and example not to have similar situations in the future, they should have just changed the rules instead. But of course I'm unaware of the rules.

  4. i think letting him pass after cutting the chicane means a full car's length, not the length of Kimi's front wing, which is what Lewis did. i dont like the all the penalties, but Lewis was not playing by the rules.

  5. I think he gained an advantage by letting Kimi past and tucking straight back in his slip but as I said in the other thread, he'd have got him anyway. I agree Hamilton is a cock with what he says etc but he reminds me of Senna in the way he catches someone then overtakes irrespective of where he is on the track. You've got to admire that aspect of him. Like when he caught Massa in that wet race (can't remember which GP) where he just barged his way past as soon as he caught him. Pretty hilarious if you think about it. Like his life depends on him getting past at that split second or something.

  6. The rule states that no advantage can be gained, that's the crux. There is absolutely no discussion that Hamilton gained an advantage.

    IN 1995 Alonso was in a almost exactly the same situation with Klein. only that back then Renault had the presence of mind to tell Fernando to slow and let Klein back in front for a second time.

  7. Nothing is right about it. He gained no competitive advantage on the rest of the field if any on kimi. Why reward massa when there was no advantage to the outcome of the race. It's total BS. F1 lost a die hard today.... I wanted kimi to 4peat but he hit the wall.

    Axis of Hamilton hate...... Nothing more then a anti hamilton fanboy site.

  8. the's 2005..not 1995 obviously my bad

  9. Anonymous...dude...chill.

    There are rules about gaining advantages. If I were you I would get upset at Mclaren's pit wall who did not tell Hamilton to back off safely.

  10. I think Hamilton did obey the rules but you have to ask yourself what would have happened if he had not cut that chicane. Surely he could not have been that close or at least it would have changed the approach to the corner to where in F1 terms, it may have made a significant difference.

    To just cut a chicane and then tuck in a foot behind the guy is a little dirty.

    The point lies here, if LH can do this when he's 1 foot behind the guy going into the corner that he cut...why can't people do this when they are 6 cars behind? Just cut the course and tuck in 1 foot behind the opponent.

    It closes a gap that would otherwise be much wider, by way of technicality.

  11. Both drivers made mistakes going into that corner and ended up going deeper than they intended before getting their respective front ends in, so Lewis didn't really have a choice about taking to the escape road.

    The big question is.. what could he have done to not fall foul of that regulation? How much farther back would he have had to drop behind Kimi before returning to race speed? How does a driver know when he's done enough?

  12. What a ridiculous way to end one of the most exciting races in a long time. Let 'em race!

  13. Oily, I keep going back to blaming the Mclaren pit wall most, they should have told him to wait a corner.

    Again, you go back to that 2005 Alonso episode...

    there were still a couple of laps left so it's not like it was do or die at that moment.

    OR, they could have played it safe, like they did in Valencia where they chose not to short fill Hamilton and go for the win.

    If Lewis can't figure out these things for himself then the team needs to step up and prevail on him that winning the championship is what matters most.

  14. I like how Hamilton complained about Kimi running him unfairly on corner exit, yet he did the same thing Massa twice in two corners at Hockenheim....hmmmm

    As far as Hamilton getting an advantage, Id say he did. If he had made the corner and filed in behind Kimi coming out of the chicane, I highly dought the would have been in the same position he was to make the pass. Would he have still got around Kimi? Probaby yes, but as the rules state you cant gain any sort of advantage when you miss or cut a chicane.

    But if the Sally's in charge of the FIA really want to solve these problems, they should STOP paving every run off area available on the track including chicanes, and also stop converting the curbing from a "last resort to flying off the track" to "just 10 more inches to use on corner exit".


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