June 10, 2007

Axis trophies at TireRack National tour

Our own Mr. Vishnu Evo Adil staged a nice comeback on the second day of the Tire Rack SCCA NAtional Tour in Devens MA. Adil was running his Evo IX in Street Touring Unlimited.

Results here

Great performances by John Winchester and the fastest man you can lend your car to: Mr. GJ Dixon who in Chris Travis's Street Mod Civic went faster than "the Alien" himself, Mark Daddio by a huge 4/10ths Sunday almost making up his deficit from the first day. GJ was 2 whole seconds faster than the car owner even if to my knowledge this is his first time in the car! Awesome.

Adil's emails:

Saturday "...STU was rain in the beginning and drying out later. Ideal for evo but I could not fnd good setup. Corey 1st with 61.7, dan 2n4 63.3 nd me 3rd wth 64.3.
Notable event was John Winchester running his BSP Evo beating Daddio's SM EVO by 0.3 second. Daddio was shocked!"

Sunday "...really interesting event. ... I think STS and FS were faster than STU on Sunday when the whole day was dry and consistent.
The course had only two mild break zones and no straightaways but high speed sweepers and slaloms the whole way. Ultimate cornering grip and gearing was the key. Power did not help as speed was restricted but probably higher than 50 thru the entire thing except for two corners. ...
...The first day every run was on radically different surface...going super wet to almost dry. Had to change shock settings between each run and was on tires, wheels that I never drove efore. Corey was running same and helped.

Sunday had a course element that was amazing..visually and to drive..will have to diagram for u guys "

Read up more on Evos, autocross and all things rally car on holunfie .


  1. What was the course element that was so amazing on Sunday?

  2. Glad to see you guys enjoyed our course. That was a great course design from our chief course designer, Paul Zahornasky, and he really outdid himself this year! Wished I'd recognized Adil's car, I would have stopped over to say HI!

    -Wiley Cox
    NER Solo Operating Steward


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