June 10, 2007


no word yet on Rober Kubica's condition other than he's stable and conscious, but looking at the crash I would not be surprised if next week at Indy we will see Sebastian Vettel's F1 debut.

all the best to Kubica

High rez below


UPDATE: broken leg (thanks Michael!)

Re-UPDATE: NO broken leg...."just flesh would...I'm fine!...I don't even have a flesh wound..."
(thanks Josh!)

maybe Vettel will have to sit back down!


  1. Apparently, he broke his leg, see: http://f1.gpupdate.net/en/news/2007/06/10/kubica_breaks_leg_in_170mph_smash/

    gr. Michel

  2. That's the damndest accident I've seen in a long time. I'm glad he survived!

  3. Latest news ... no broken leg.


  4. The crash was something. But the most amazing thing was how Sato out pace and out brake Alonzo on the 2nd last lap. I was like W T FFFF!?!

    Of course Alonzo made 4 mistakes at the same turn. He was off that day.

  5. If I can step in for Alonso, he got severely compromised by the safety car and the resulting drive though penalty (apparently it was either stop or run out of gas), He still set fast lap of the race while in 8th spot but I imagine he ruined his car trying. Hamilton had it easier leading especially with Heidfeld falling asleep on the restarts.

    Anyone notice how since Michael Schumacher started showing up at the track things haven't gone so well for Ferrari?

  6. The crash has the look of Joey Hands PTG BMW M3 days when he was clipped by a Pontiac, hit an access road, did airtime, and then did endos until he hit a cement wall. Not the institutional knowledge BMW would like to share I would imagine. Glad all was not too serious. The video is rather... ouch.

    Fellow track-tard from the Glen
    E46 M3


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