June 11, 2007

Supercars: one more reason to consider a career in journalism.

Autocar's Chris Harris is really turning into a mini-Tiff....ok, he'll never be as cool as Tiff "Stig-that-in-your-pipe-and-smoke-it"Needell but I still want his job or at least the job of whoever is actually driving the cars in the clip!

here, from Autocar's excellent podcast.


  1. That bloke sorely misinterpreted the definition of a "supercar" if he thinks the Veyron is the greatest one ever made due to its sheer absence of drama. Someone send that loser back to school.

  2. Drama? Drama is what happens in the pants of a McLaren F1 driver cruising at 170 when a Veyron blows by him like he is standing still!

    Of course the Veyron owner will run out of gas 7 minutes later.


  3. What about the McLaren driver cruising along at about 225-231mph, with his ceramic Kenwood stereo blasting? I am willing to bet the S70 V12 in the 2400-lb BigMac is far more fuel efficient then the small thermonuclear device in the 10-ton Veyron.

  4. By the time the BigMac has hit 225 the veyron has passed it, run out of gas and the owner getting a massage from a specially trained vw bunny.


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