January 2, 2007

Subaru Asshattery

A word for the many readers visiting from the various Scoob forums: Welcome! I read your posts and I just wanted to clear the air with a few cold hard facts.

1. This was a track day where point bys WERE required (even in this the advanced group that somehow mr. Von Asshat got admission to). Some track days do not require points, this one did.
2. The Miata never gave the guy a point, when he moves in on the kink it is because, if you are not letting someone by that is the normal line before "No Name Straight" at Lime Rock. Should he have? maybe, but he did not. (he was just coming out of the pits).
3. Mr. Von Asshat seemed to be one of those drivers that drives fast only on the straights (using that awesome turbo torque). You can see how fast I close on him before he "wakes up". I don't think he hit an apex all day. He did almost hit a couple of cars though.
4. Some of my best friends drive Rally Cars!
5. Thank you very much for visiting, come back, enjoy the videos, join the forum!

And now back to our regularly scheduled show...

What is it about 4wd turbo cars that bring out the finest in its drivers? The fellow in the Blue scooby is the original track day assclown: on a single day at Lime Rock he almost took out 3 cars trying to outbrake them on the inside of Big Bend during the first hot lap, later almost shoved another car off the track trying to divebomb on the Downhill turn and later this lovely move.

As the clip starts I come up on him trundling along at Big Bend. As soon as he sees me, Mr.Scooby Von Asshat wakes up and steps on it...too bad he has a Miata in the way....Oh well no matter, I have a rally car I'll just pass him on the grass!

r/click here to download

the kicker is that looking around the internet I came upon a video of the same incident from the Miata's point of view! how cool is that? It does not look so dramatic but you can see the driver shaking his head in awe of Scooby Von Asshat mad Skillz in the fine art of being a retard! :o)
And yeah...he got himself kicked out of the event...


r/click here to download


  1. Hey, don't tarnish the reputation of all blue Subaru drivers!

    Of course, I'm selling mine. If it ever sells, then you can have your field day :-)

  2. Hahaha! Damn, your race scoobs still have not sold?

    c'mon Axis readers step up, go to http://www.godoggoracing.org/ and buy yourself a ready made race car.
    As you can see in the video these cars can be wickedly fast, I tell you that when Scooby Von Asshat stepped on it in the video, my S54 MCoupe was essentially helpless in the face of the torque available to him. The performance potential is huge and obviously the cars are very forgiving.
    That and Josh needs to get his Z3 racer ready! :o)

  3. I am sure the fine folks on bimmerforums will be able to show you how that whole thing was your fault. ;)

  4. Of course, because I was driving with a short sleeve shirt!

  5. Some of the Subaru community responds pretty fairly.


  6. Asshat indeed!

    Like any other performance car, for every 1 bad track driver, there are 10 decent ones out there.

    In SOLO the flood of WRXs with over-anxious drivers has earned us a stereotype that's hard to shake.

  7. I think you need to get over yourself and realize this is a race-type event, and you're all taking risks. The guy pulled it off, so whats the big deal?

    I think you're just jealous because he has a nice blue rally car and you can't do those type of moves.

  8. "...I think you're just jealous because he has a nice blue rally car and you can't do those type of moves."

    ahahahaha! you are right.

    keep your eyes on the other shiny rally car who "pulled it off".

  9. A "RALLY" car shouldn't be on a track then. I drive a Subaru road race car, and that guy is an asshat, this isn't a race or even a competition it's a driver EDUCATION event!



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