June 2, 2015

French Paparazzi attack Schumacher with drones, fake priests.

This is pretty sick:    

Switzerland's Blich, itself a tabloid, is reporting how the Schumacher house in Gland, Switzerland is under constant attack by paparazzi,  hiding in the bushes with their long lenses hoping to get a shot of Michael.

The Schumachers have had to tint the windows in their home, staff are hounded an harassed for information and security guards once busted a photographer disguised as a priest.

Long time media person, Sabine Kehm did not mince words recently:

"It's mainly the French paparazzi who are not respecting Michael's privacy, it's a constant battle"

The latest tactic involves using drones flown over the home.   Hopefully security guards are getting some target practice.

Of course, the reason why people would be spending their time harassing the family of a gravely injured man is because there are editors, somewhere, willing to pay and people willing to look.



1 comment:

  1. Let the guy and his Family live in peace, they already had enough ...

    To me he was the best driver ever... Fan since I saw him on F3 fighting with Mika. Just looking at him a the track doing the 4 wheels slides was supreme.
    With Mika two of the really great ones for me.

    "Michael Schumacher: “Mika Hakkinen was the best opponent (I’ve had) in terms of his quality, but the biggest admiration I had for him was we had 100% fight on track but a totally disciplined life off track. We respected each other highly and let each other live quietly.”"



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