June 3, 2015

Lewis Hamilton drove the Koenigsegg HH from LA to Vegas

To each their own on their off time.

Kimi enters snowmobile races under a pseudonym.
Nico Rosberg asks his pregnant wife for permission to party after winning the Monaco GP/

Not Lewis.

Having fully ditched the "love me, I got a puppy" phase in favor of full baller,  Hamilton showed up,  photographers and bodyguards in tow to drive the Agera HH in  that flashiest of rallies,  The Gumball for its final leg  from LA to Vegas.

Hamilton is of course a supercar connoisseur :  the stick shift purple Zonda, the rumored P1 and LaFerrari. the Cobras, the Mustang.

He would be an ideal customer for a purple Agera LH with a stick to match his Zonda LH!

(h/t Valentin Stoian)


  1. He´s definitely in a "love me, I got a big dong" phase now.

  2. He's certainly no Jay Leno .... Which is too bad... I have been a fan of his since he arrived and beat Alonso ...but as AC loves to point out ad nauseum .... He has some Bieber traits that are taking the shine off ...
    He certainly is at his best when hes winning!! Just has to work on how to lose ...

  3. He's certainly at his worst when he's whining. Love the Bieber line, spot on!

  4. Its cool that Merc gives him a little leeway and lets him drive other cars. Of course, lets be honest though, I know there are a ton of fun/fine supercars out there, but there is only 1. Being seen in anything less than a La Ferrari or that new 488 Ferrari you're looking pretty lame. What would have added to this vids cool factor is if he had Rosco ridin' shotgun!!!

    These modern F1 drivers continue to make me long for yesterday. The beauty of a world-class driver like Senna was that between races Ayrton would chill out in Brazil, probably at that crib he had right on the water; and all he did was train...and think about obliterating the competition. He didn't waste his life participating in all the tomfoolery and ballyhoo. That's how he earned and got respect.

  5. But that's not good for Bernie's business.

  6. There was no... Nico touch me?

  7. Superfast cars, driving superslow, with stickers, and a youtuber.

    Why are you talking about that Axis Of Oversteer ?

    And at the end, while Lewis is certainly a very talented people, he's not a car connoisseur at all. Car connoisseur never sit down on the bodycar of any nice and shiny car. Add that to the fact that he's wearing a denim, the antichrist of all bodycars.

    Fast and talented pilot, that's him.

  8. I guess I should have turned up the sarcasm further,... I'll try to be less subtle in the future :)

  9. Sorry, English is not my native language (as you've already noticed I suppose) and missed that.

    Now the article is really tastier, thanks and sorry being an idiot ^^

  10. no worries, English is not my native language either! and I should know by now that subtle doesn't work on the internet


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