June 1, 2015

The Shadow knows....

Wayne Fetter/Flickr

The maiden F1 season for the Shadow DN1 was miserable.  In 1973 the American team suffered twelve retirements in the thirteen races it participated in with two cars.

But man, did they look amazing!

The sinister black cars were well ahead of the competition in terms of aerodynamics and what they lacked in reliability they certainly made up in style.

This 1973 DN1 (DN for Don Nichols, founder of Shadow Racing) is raced by Keith Frieser, here at the FIA Master Series F1 event at Road Atlanta this past April.

The car was raced originally by Jackie Oliver and was a podium finisher at the 1973 Canadian GP.

Current F1 have you pining for some classic DFV sounds?   Turn it up!

Thanks to Craig Sutherland for the video and for including some Axis branding with all those other illustrious logos.   Bwahahahahaha.......


  1. A slightly distorted video gives a great sense of speed. Just awesome.

  2. So that's what a normal aspirated engine sounds like Mr. Ecclestone?


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