June 7, 2015

And they walked away from it....

the amazing thing is that both of the drivers were able to walk away from this massive wreck.    

Final lap of the Euro GT4 Series race at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, Jörg Viebahn in the Aston Martin is racing Bulgarian Rosen Deskalov in a Sin R1 for position.      They touch and hit the retaining wall right where there is an access point and  the wall is more angled.     The impact appears brutal yet both drivers escaped serious injury.


The slow motion shows how the Aston digs into the dirt and flips before the two hit the wall.  this possibly helped disperse a bit of the energy.

Still,  I would seriously consider playing lotto if I were one of those drivers,  this has to be the luckiest day of their lives.


  1. That marshall with the blue flag will never wear that pair of underwear again...


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