June 8, 2015

Hamilton lifts and coasts his way to victory in Canada.

Photos: Jim Hunter

Formula 1 succeeded in  turning what has historically been an exciting and entertaining race, the Canadian GP,  into one of the dullest races of the season so far.

Saving fuel was something World Endurance Racing used to do back when it was boring, even they have figured that out.   If the WEC did sprint races fans would abandon F1 in droves at th is point.    As it is,  we're told there were less stands erected on the Ile de Notre Dame this year.

Rosberg said afterwards he "pushed like mad" which is at odds with radio messages from his engineers telling him to save fuel and brakes every time he got anywhere near DRS range of Hamilton.   Rosberg seems way too passive accepting his fate.

then there was this:

What's wrong with a fuel gauge and why is one driver allowed to get information on his teammate but not the other way around?


The only entertainment today came courtesy of Felipe Massa and Sebastian Vettel both starting from the back after having mechanical issues in qualifying.

Vettel's race, 18th to 5th without the aide of a safety car,  was especially impressive.    We'll never know if he,  had he stated third, might have put enough pressure on the Mercedes duo to push them over the fuel consumption / brake wear limits.

Raikkonen was certainly not able to.  It's likely his carbon copy of 2014 spin on his out lap was caused by some odd engine behavior but then again, Kimi is being paid big money for his skills.  
I can understand his frustration but did he need to fry his rear tires once he spun? National Donut Day was Friday, not Sunday.
No wonder he could not catch the Finn who will replace him at Ferrari next year....

The comedian award of the race has to go to Romain Grosjean:

And then there's Mclaren-Honda

One day we might learn the truth about the McHonda spectacular failure of 2015 and Alonso, one of the most talented and worst managed driver in F1 history, wanted that bicycle and now he's got to pedal it but you have to feel for him, his frustration perfectly encapsulates that of many fans with this current Formula.

So Ferrari is the best hope for F1 redemption in Austria, nothing necessarily against Mercedes but it sure is boring watching those two not really race each other.


  1. So.. yeah Alonso's team radio was incredible...

    The real shame to me was Vettel.. I think he did have the pace to put pressure on the Mercs... and maybe push them to the limit of Fuel and Brakes.

    Now one question that maybe someone that is HAM FAN can answer me.. Why did the team provided information to HAM about Nico Fuel and brake status and when Nico asked ... they told they were not allowed to pass that information... LAST but not least why the team was providing braking points and save fuel.

    Under FIA technical directive TD/041 messages concerning the following are not permitted (either by radio or pit board)

    Driving lines on the circuit.
    Contact with kerbs.
    Car set up parameters for specific corners.
    Comparative or absolute sector time detail of another driver.
    Speeds in corners compared to another driver.
    Gear selection compared with another driver.
    Gear selection in general.
    *Braking points.
    Rate of braking compared to another driver.
    *Rate of braking or application of brakes in general.
    Car stability under braking.
    Throttle application compared to another driver.
    Throttle application in general.
    Use of DRS compared with another driver.
    Use of any overtake button.
    Driving technique in general.

  2. the silence is deafening on the radio calls...

  3. "Because life isn't fair" is the best answer but... they were not giving Hamilton breaking points they were giving him throttle lift points

  4. Read below:

    Throttle application compared to another driver.
    Throttle application in general.

  5. I was thinking more as an intra team thing.

  6. Let me guess, you guys think he should be DQ'd and stripped of a win for "alleged" illegal coaching? What a joke! I just might enjoy this site after all lol!!!

    17pts! Nuff said.

  7. Typical fanboy response. The interesting part is that it shows the two drivers do not get equal treatment as claimed. A fact all but confirmed by Paddy Lowe too in the 5 live post race podcast.

  8. Boohoo! Here's a tissue : )

    A wise man once told me: "put your energy into what you support rather than what you despise and your world will be much brighter."

  9. As a Ham fan ... Anybody suggesting there's equal treatment must have missed the news of Hams recent contract signing... I think those numbers voice how each is viewed by mgmt

    Also having recently been assigned a Prius at my last car rental... I understand the utter addiction to lifting and coasting. My lead foot quickly changed to feather lightness in the search for a higher energy saver score!! No longer did I want to be first to the next red light, or set tge fastest time between points a an b....all in the quest to exceed atleast a 75% Eco star rating!!

    Maybe there should be new points for energy saver stud!!

  10. Maybe they should change the name to Formula Prius :)

  11. Indeed, which is why you should stop hating on Rosberg!

  12. Not at all... actually I think the radio rule is STUPID because if you a smart enough like McLata you can say the same in code... you are brake 3 and we need brake 6

    What I'm saying please explain to me in your fan boy mentality .. when you were whining that Merc is helping Rosberg because he is German how this fit in in your line of thought!.

  13. No doubt the radio calls were ridiculous. I was there this year at the hairpin, Vettel's come back and that sweet Kimi spin kept things fun. Would have loved to see Vettel get a few more laps at it. He was consistently lapping faster than the MCs, but I think they were keeping a little in reserve.


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