April 17, 2015

Vettel risks a penalty: was his wheel really loose?

...or is someone just trying to stir the pot?

Both Vettel and Perez were cleared for their on track collision which the German attributed to brake failure followed by "F-in Perez" taking his wing off but Adam Cooper revealed race stewards  are looking at the Ferrari driver with an eye towards a possible "Unsafe Release" penalty.

"The FIA takes an unsafe release in practice particularly seriously as clearly there is less urgency than in a race, and also more people are in the pitlane. The rules states: “If a car is deemed to have been released in an unsafe condition during any practice session, the stewards may drop the driver such number of grid positions as they consider appropriate.”

Cooper goes on to suggest a rival team is going around saying Ferrari was using "Brake Failure" as a radio code word for "you didn't screw the wheel on right".

Mercedes must be more nervous than it lets on.

Also this happened, it seems where Maldonado is going, he doesn't need roads.

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  1. Vettels RF wheel is loose. You can see it move relative to the upper control arm as he starts braking. It's really obvious when he passes the apex of T2.


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