April 20, 2015

2015 Bahrain Executive Summary

(via Yas Marina Circuit Twitter)

The gorgeous choreography helped what in the end was short of a truly exciting race.   What perfect metaphor for today's F1, a gorgeously lit, expensive, impossible to get to oasis in the middle of the desert.

But hey, sparks!

Obviously Lewis is in the zone and at one with his Mercedes.  Only a minor mechanical glitch made things potentially more interesting at the end.   Another thing not to like in this formula:  I'm all for a driver having to manage his brakes, but not electronic brake components that just shut off from a moment to the next through no real fault of his own.  Where's the fun and challenge in that?

With this result Hamilton can now afford a DNF and still lead the championship.

Rosberg looked positively Barrichello-esque.   He attacked and passed the two Ferraris very well but, for whatever reason, he never really attacked Hamilton.   Inexplicable.

Raikkonen was not impressed with his second place,  that's why we love him.

Vettel, I suppose even a 4 time Champion can have an off race which he certainly did.  But Seb made no excuses for himself and that's great.

Bottas, his back must be better.

Alonso:  F1 needs him and Mclaren to be up front and fighting.   This race showed the racer is still there,  release the kraken Honda!

Maldonado was just amazingly Pastorical, there was no runoff he left unexplored on lap 1, a legend.

Final Standings


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWpXVqhIYEE

  2. Darren Heath must be seething....

  3. I just saw this and I think is great!


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