April 21, 2015

Ecclestone confirms F1's dictatorship tour

Bernie Ecclestone confirmed that checks from the Kleptocratic Republic of Azerbaijan cleared and Formula 1 is ready to race in Baku next year.

Baku is of course one of the ancestral homes of global oil production, where the very skyline celebrates the burning of fossil fuels so it should fit right in with F1's green message.

Of issues of corruption, crime, political assassination and invasion threats to neighboring countries by president and 2012 Organized Crime and Corruption Person of the Year, Ilham Allyev, Ecclestone said :

"I think everybody seems to be happy. There doesn't seem to be any big problem there."

OK then.

As for racing where people actually care,  F1's "supremo" said Monza is in the same boat as Germany was this year and France was before that:  if people really cared they would just pay what he asks.

F1 has painted itself into a corner where it has to demand fees the size of which can only be met by national governments, autocratic ones preferably.   European Union regulations don't allow for public sector expenditures that benefit a single privately owned entity so Monza is, at the moment, toast.

But no worries sais Ecclestone:

"I tell you something, I was told that when we didn't have a race in France actually. And Germany now. We've got some good replacements, haven't we?"

Well alrighty then...

(via PlanetF1.com)


  1. longtime follower, and now....Tuesday, April 21, 2015 6:32:00 PM

    never thought this blog will make such a sharp turn and become some kind of xenophobic rant central....don't see the point of bringing up politics to this site, especially if you nothing about it....invasion of what?...read up a bit who invaded who before posting....seriously guys....that was pretty low....criticize a person is one thing....but to degrade a whole country like that is uncalled for....unless you have a hidden agenda yourself and just don't want to say it openly..

  2. I'm not going to defend author but let me explain my frustration that "maybe" is related with the article.

    We are loosing the "classics" venues and not because of lack of fan support but because financial reason and plain money greed and Political propaganda from the government.

    To me seeing Bahrain / Shanghai with most of the grades empty is really bad.

    Not seeing Imola, Monza, Hockenheim, Nurgurg, Magny-Course, Paul Ricard, Dijon-Prenois, Zolder, Kayalami it really pissed me off and to me it actually detract a lot to generate Fans for the sport.

    And please let me clarify, I live in a third world country not even close to any of those cathedrals.

  3. A sport that wants new fans does not attract them by having 85% of the grandstands empty.

    The English Premiere League has become so popular in the U.S. because of the atmosphere. If not, soccer (football, futbol) would have been a hit here years ago. Sold out stadiums every week with loyal fans, chants, supporters sections, away fan sections, OOOH's and AAAAH's and clapping after every good play. Something not seen commonly in American sports. Fans yes, loyal life supporters who go to every game and morally uplift their team? Only in the playoffs.

    Without that there is no interest from a new fan base who, in the majority, will never attend a race in the flesh. It has to sound and look good on TV.

  4. Sorry, I think I don't followup.. so you agree with me or you just saying that needs F1 should go to new places to get Fans? because I dont see that the sport is growing in China / Korea / Bahrain

    And please don't call it Soccer.... is Futbol or Football.

  5. So, you're fine with Fascism, as long as you get to see some car races?


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