April 22, 2015

Mercedes made Ferrari's youngest fan cry.

Dear Bernie, when you said you don't care about young fans...were you just manifesting your douchy public persona or do you really believe it?

Granted, young Vladimir here can't pay for his ticket yet but he sure had race strategies in Bahrain figured out better than most of the 70 year olds you claim to care so much about.

A Russian speaking friend of Axis provided us with a more correct translation that that in the video's subtitles.

— I can’t stand it, let me go, get off of me!
— What happened, baby? Tell your mommy what happened
— Mercedes is too fast again
— Who?
— Maldonado finished first again
— Who?..
— Mercedes finished first again
— Okay, but who should have finished first?
— Ferrari!
— Ferrari? How did they finished then?
— Second!
— Oh my Lord, Ferrari finished second… What i nightmare
— I wanted Ferrari to finish first
— Okay, calm down, don’t worry, they make it next time
— But they are not that fast, and Mercedes is too fast
— Okay, I got it baby
— And they had to put the yellows earlier
— What?
— Yellow wheels, so that they could go faster! They got the slow wheels, they should have changed that!
— Okay, they were slow, it’s okay, it’s okay
— But Mercedes is too fast!

You'd think little Vladik would be upset by Danil Kvyat's Red Bull tanking yet again but no, his nightmare was about Ferrari's lack of speed.

And that, in a nutshell, is why Ferrari gets a bigger chunk of the pie than any other team.

Cheer up Vladik, Ferrari is catching up: new aero in Spain and Engine upgrades in Canada!

(Thanks Timo!)


  1. I understand your pointan and I agree,

  2. Well, you don't get recognized as "organized Crime Person of the Year for nothing not do you get a week known reputation for repression for nothing. Clearly what we are referring to is the Government which has a, shall we say, less than stellar reputation and which F1 is supporting despite it's weak sauce Support of human rights statement posted on their web site.

  3. Azer...by...water?

    Where are we talking about again? There's something to be said about having races in countries that have some sort of recognizable cachet, something notable able to the city besides being home to more corrupt politicians and oil money.

    Where's the F1 history? Where the automotive history? What has this country contributed to the world recently that would make me say (theoretically in a world where I've got more money) "LET'S GO TO AZERBAIJAN!!" You know, what's the status of religious extremists in the area? Would I, as an American, stand the risk of kidnapping by walking the street? There are so many questions about this place because, frankly, there's not much reason for the rest of the world to care they exist. Adding an F1 race, in place of another much more known and loved race, well...that's shameful. What's the Ecclestone family history of heart attacks? Cancer? Alzheimer's? Not that I want the troll to suffer (much), it's just that once he's enjoying his massive, massive fortunes in retirement I don't feel we'll be talking about these things much anymore.

  4. longtime follower, and now....Thursday, April 23, 2015 11:29:00 PM

    read my post and tell me where did I show any support for the government? or this president?
    don't make any conclusions for me....if you cant understand the simple fact that I find it offensive the way the author degraded the people of that country then I cant be more clearer...
    Fascism....okay what do you know about it....tell me...cause I remember that Germany, Italy, France had definitely something to do with that......maybe even introduced it? no?

  5. longtime follower, and now....Thursday, April 23, 2015 11:32:00 PM

    Better question to ask is: What have you contributed so great to this world for the people of Azerbaijan to care whether you visit them or not?
    It's a rhetorical question by the way...

  6. longtime follower, and now....Thursday, April 23, 2015 11:53:00 PM

    Clearly what I am saying is: attack the president as much as you want but leave the country and its people alone....they haven't done anything bad to you or anyone else.

    But what I wanted to avoid is exactly what user gravit8ed wrote in her comment: people of Azerbaijan are religious extremists, terrorists, they probably kidnap people so on and on...insulting.....Then again being an american yourself maybe you agree with her point of view....

    By the way, in the view of Berlusconi's charges for child sexual abuse abuse of office, extortion, mafia collusion, embezzlement, money laundering, tax fraud, witness tampering, corruption......when discussing Italian GP, have you even called Italy a kleptocratic state??

  7. Well, For one thing Italy is a democratic country with free and fair elections, Berlusconi, one of the most powerful politicians in the post war era was in fact indicted and was condemned by a court of law for the crimes he was proven guilty of. So no, it's not the same.

  8. longtime follower, and now....Saturday, April 25, 2015 10:29:00 PM

    Okay this is getting long.
    Right....so you call a country a democratic one, while its prime minister is one of the biggest thieves in Europe?

    But that's besides the point....you still did not answer....when Berluscconi, a convicted thief and criminal, was in power, why didn't you call Italy a kleptocratic state?....A government in which those in power exploit national resources and steal....ruled by a thief or thieves....right? that's the definition, no? So...
    I guess you like to make exceptions and allow excuses for some and not the others....Being fair is part of being democratic.....
    If you take a hard position about democracy, then stick with it and apply to all and not some....just my two cents

  9. Look, I get you took this badly for your country, but facts are facts which is why Azerbaijan is listed 148 in the World Democracy Index, just below Bahrain and just above the UAE, coincidentally other stops on Benie's Autocracy Championship tour! :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_Index#Democracy_index_by_country_.282014.29

  10. Do I hear a bell ringing? Because someone is getting schooled longtime follower, and now....

  11. longtime follower, and now....Monday, April 27, 2015 1:04:00 AM

    No, unfortunately you don't get it at all....you cant understand a simple fact that other people (people outside of your country) deserve respect and shouldn't be insulted because of corrupted politicians....it's that simple.....read my original post.....but instead of getting to that point, you decide to dragging this long convo out...for what?....to get some cheerleaders on your side like Tony?
    this is your problem now....

  12. longtime follower, and now....Monday, April 27, 2015 1:24:00 AM

    read up...
    but I guess this is your sneaky way to get back to me, but through AC's replies....is it because you cant argue for yourself??
    Getting schooled in what exactly?...do tell....schooled in telling me that Azerbaijan is an authoritarian state? really? that's news to me?...did I argue it wasn't?....do you really understand the complexity and the mechanism of that region?...do you want to start that argument with me?...did you even read my comments?...so do you even see what I was asking? ....you always leave these general comments without justifying?
    My point for the last time is: you insult bad guys, do so, but don't insult the people.....you criticize politicians, do so, but do so to all corrupt politicians....don't pick and choose.....is that clear now? No?
    The only thing I do realize is the ignorance of some users....unfortunately....but hey all dreams must come to an end, and so must mine for this site.
    You see, I was about to be done with this blog, but you keep bringing me back....not nice

  13. I think it's pretty clear, unless you identify with your current government, that the comments don't refer to the character of Azerbaijani citizens but their autocratic leadership.

  14. did you even read the article? your crocodile tears are getting on my keyboard


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