April 16, 2015

Not a quitter: Happy Birthday Frank Williams!

Frank Williams and Patrick Head in 1978

Famously,  Williams  was once so broke his company phone was cut off.   Did he complain,  demand help from other teams or threaten to leave the sports?  No, he ran the race team from a pay phone.

A broken back did not keep him from reaching the pinnacles of the sport,  he and his team are  F1's treasures along with Ferrari and McLaren.

Cheers Sir Frank, happy 73rd!


  1. YES!!! Happy Birthday to Frank Williams!!!

    The Professor X of F1!!!!

  2. May I also share this blast form the past:


    I found this documentary the other night. Fascinating look at Williams and the sport in the early nineties. Interesting to hear the factory workers' views on the sport and their relationship to its success.



    At one point they fire up the original computers used to track data from the car. When they boot it up it shows the last race: Adelaide 1992!!!! Think of how much history has or will be lost from the discarding of old technologies.

    This felt a lot like members of a high school band getting back together to impart knowledge on the young ones. Only they have one of the most advanced race cars ever built. My first racing game was Nigel Mansell's World Championship racing for the gameboy. I was 5 years old driving Red 5. Thanks for the memories Sir Frank!

  3. Happy Birthday Sir Frank Williams. Cheers


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