April 3, 2015

Ferrari FXX-K: Designing the ultimate track toy

As a petrolhead you know the drill,  it was always Lamborghini that produced designs right out of the most outrageous adolescent automotive fantasies.  Ferraris, sexy yes but Lambos were the pinups.

Think again.

I'm sure you'll agree  laFerrari,  despite its horrible name,  looks the part as the world's most desirable hypercar of the moment.   But when Ferrari's Centro Stile was asked to turn it up to 11 and produce the successor to the FXX track only toy,  well... ciao Lambo.

What Designer Flavio Manzoni and his team came up with,  any 13 year old would proudly pin on his wall and dream about and be inspired by and start planning how to obtain later in life!

Yes you can chuckle at a car that serves no real purpose, that cannot be raced, that cannot be driven on the street, that you cannot even have in your garage.  But then, are you not always complaining  rules and regulations limit designers?

Possibly the most outrageous aspect about the FXX-K is the financial one: it's practically free.

Wait, what?

Yes, you need to have had a long history with Ferrari to even get on the list.  Granted you have to have bought one of each of the current street car offerings recently but it's pretty much guaranteed you will be able to sell your FXX-K on for at least what you paid for it,  most likely for enough of a profit to cover what must be some brutal tire bills!

So yes, as long as you have a few spare million, it's free!

Of course when the time comes, Ferrari will have the next generation XX car for the owner to keep his money invested in.  Think of it as the First Savings Bank of Maranello.


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