April 1, 2015

F1 Shocker: Fernando back at Ferrari in 2016!

At the back of your head you knew the Alonso-Ron Dennis marriage could not last and today it's become known Fernando exercised a clause in his McLaren contract which allows him to jump ship should the car not complete two races in a row.

"To be honest, I don't even remember signing with McLaren"  Said Fernando after having lunch at Montana's restaurant, across from the Ferrari factory in Maranello.  "I thought someone had bleached my overalls in the wash,  that's why I did not show up in Australia".

Leaving Ferrari will be Kimi Raikkonen whose contract expires at the end of this year and who has found new peace in domestic bliss.

"IreallyfoundIhavesoomuchfunathomewithmysonRobinandespeciallywithMintooonacoolnight" said the Fin.

No word yet from Woking but it there was a tweet claiming Ron Dennis, locked inside an impossibly clean conference room, could be heard muttering "Serenity now,  serenity now..."


  1. I really liked idea of Ron in a impossible clean Conf. room.

  2. You almost got me.

  3. That comes second. First was turning down Red Bull to drive for Renault and then Ferrari. Third would be running away from a fast McLaren.


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