April 3, 2015

A lap in a Porsche 918

From an esoteric Track Day World Championship dominating car to a car that in comparison seems downright sensible and practical, the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Love these type of videos,  none of the hideous music Ferrari so often pollutes their clips with, just the fantastic sound of that Porsche 4.6 V8 through those amazing top mounted flame spitting exhausts.

Porsche driving instructor Matthias Hoffs├╝mmer sets what Porsche claims is the unofficial production car record at Philip Island,  1:38.02.
How does that  compare?  Have a look at track records by class HERE

1 comment:

  1. Why didn't they re-route the exhaust into those kind of nozzle shaped rear lights of the white model? Picture some flame spitting action... fap fap fap fap!


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