April 6, 2015

What it took to go racing...

In 1991 it took a then mind boggling  "over 100" individuals to run a mid-pack team as Tyrrell was.

2 Drivers.
1 Managing Director.
1 Engineering Director.
8 Designers.
2 Model makers.
4 Aerodynamicists
15 Composites specialists
6 Machinists
4 Fabricators
2 Electricians
3 Gearbox specialists
5 Final assembly mechanics
5 Truckies
3 Test team mechanics
3 Marketing.
4 Accountants
10 Administration
2 Race Engineers
12 Race Mechanics
1 Team manager

Plus an unspecified number of engine design and assembly mechanics.

The Braun sponsored Tyrrell team was eventually sold to B.A.R. which was then sold to Honda which was then sold to Brawn which was then sold to Mercedes which in 2015, depending on your source, employs between 700 and 1300 staff.

But some claim F1's financial issues are due to drivers being, at the same time, boring and not marketed well enough,  Go figure.


  1. Love these great classic vids. Stefano Modena arrived in F1 with great promise, but never really panned out. Ken Tyrrel RIP. According to legend, he and Jackie Stewart never had a written contract. Like two honorable men - they did business with a hand shake.

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