February 22, 2015

New Porsche GT3 RS 4.0 specs

Remember when that die cast model of a yet to be announced Porsche 991 GT3 RS appeared on the internet?   Turns out it was quite accurate.

Later we learned the new ├╝ber-GT3 would have a 4 liter engine and 500ish horsepower with a Magnesium roof and composite front wings.

Now, what purports to be the spec sheet for the new car was "leaked" on the internet.

Here are the main details:

4.0l, 500hp, 460 Nm.

PDK only.

Torque vectoring and "sport tuned" rear wheel steering.

9.5 x 20" and 12/5 x 21" wheels

Wider than GT3 body.

CF reinforced plastic hood and fenders, Magnesium alloy roof.

and amusing for what is, in the end,  a street car:

“PIT SPEED” in the centre console switch panel for local speed restriction at the push of a button, e.g. in the pit lane of a race circuit

Sale date in Europe March 2015.  Time to sell that kidney.


  1. Pretty much in line with all the rumors. 21" rear wheels seems ridiculous for a track car though.

  2. PIT SPEED is a euphemism for cruise control.

  3. totally agree, 20" already ridiculous on 981 Boxster S/GTS

  4. Larger wheels produce less rolling friction first off and less hysteresis when it comes to pneumatic tire rolling friction. With lighter wheels and larger radius it can actually be a benefit, yet require a little more power to get them going. from a racing stand point larger wheels can be beneficial if you maintain as much speed as possible through the turns and not worry so much about deceleration and acceleration.
    Meaning with consistent lapping and keeping of speed a larger wheel is better.

    Now "ri-donk-ulous" wheels need not apply because going too large can impede on performance and an un-sprung weight problem.


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