February 23, 2015

Top Gear is right: Ferrari and McLaren, grow up!

Porsche 918, LaFerrari, Mclaren P1 on Top Gear

Back when Mr. Harris choked on his tortellini and threw his parmigiano out of the pram on Jalopnik,  he neglected to mention Mclaren behaves in essentially the same manner when it comes to how their cars are tested vs their rivals.

All car manufactures do this to one degree or another but Ferrari AND McLaren seem to have taken this behaviour to a new a new level. Top Gear confirms in their latest episode.

Who would be fastest around Top Gear's track, the Porsche 918,  the Mclaren P1 or the La Ferrari (it pisses me off every time I have to write that name,  thanks Luca Montezuma!).

I agree it's wholly irrelevant but I, and I'm sure you, would love to see it right?

If anyone could actually make it happen it would be Top Gear but no,  neither Ferrari nor McLaren would allow it.    Porsche was fine with it as they have nothing to lose,  not the fastest and they can claim they are close at a significant savings.  Win and someone in Woking and Maranello is losing a job.

But Jezza's right, c'mon,  group a pair.  Take the cars to Le Castellet or some properly fast track and have at it already.


  1. I'm a die-hard Ferrari fan, but it pisses me off that the Cavallino Rampante factory gets between the fans and their products. I love the brand, but it's hard not to hate them a little for stealing such an opportunity from fans and Top Gear viewers.

    Same goes for McLaren.

    On the other hand, kudos to Porsche for believing in their car so much that they don't care against what it's being tested/compared.

  2. I´m with you in hating the La Ferrari name. Doesn´t make any sense in any lenguage.

  3. Those guys that stand between the drivers and the engineers, owners and creators... what are they called? The ones always trying so hard to make something look like it's better or something it is not, and usually getting so lost in their stupid games they frequently do more harm than good?

    Fucktards. That's it. Usually you can find them in marketing, upper management, and very frequently both.


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