February 22, 2015

Alonso in heavy testing crash.

It's tempting to start thinking of Fernando as a tragic figure, a supremely talented driver that will just not catch any breaks.   McLaren Honda is behind while Ferrari is instead showing promise now a heavy crash in practice.

It happened today at the Circuit de Catalunia in Barcelona.   Alonso lost control of his Mclaren-Honda coming out of turn 4.  From the pictures it's hard to tell what the dynamic of the accident might be but the car does not look severely damaged.

However Alonso was in the car for 10 minutes before medical personnel extracted him.  Reports say that Alonso complained of dizziness and was then loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the hospital for observation.

His manager, Luis Garcia Abad tweeted:

 "Fernando está bien y consciente. Muchas gracias por vuestro interés. Fernando is OK and conscious. Thank you !"

Hopefully, nothing too serious.

You can see the whole photo sequence over at MARCA


  1. Some are saying an electric shock may have caused him to go off. And judging by the kit the paramedics are wearing even though the car's green light is on, I would say that it is a possibility.
    In any case I hope it's not serious.

  2. I read that, I also read some claimed he was seated before he got out of the car because he was agitated. Of course he might be VERY agitated thinking of how Ferrari is going so far now that he left! :)

  3. The key point about the accident is ."why there were no tyre marks on the track?" I was there, and I don't see any other way for crashing like that than Alonso being dizzy before crashing, or a major failure that disabled the brake-by-wire system. Turn 3 (curvone) is a high G-force curve, were any failure related to g-forces may happen.

    Regarding the performance of the McLaren... I know it's just tests, but Vettel, with softs, was behind Alonso, with mediums, and the german couldn't catch him for 2 laps.

  4. There are tire marks: http://imgur.com/RrV4EMM,4Lb7565#0

    Marca's photos show a flatspot on the left front.

    This photo, from a different angle shows he went into the wall at a bad angle: http://imgur.com/RrV4EMM,4Lb7565#1

  5. I'm going with the shock theory in this incident. It sounds pretty plausible to me. When joining McLaren Honda I bet Alonso knew, performance wise good or bad he would be in for a shock, just not an - actual electrical shock. Its good that he's alright though. He's got his little super-fine Russian honey to nurse him back to full health.

  6. well if i had to speculate, looking at combined times in this testing McL is 1.9 secs off the fastest time, with their MGU-K turned off (assuming whole ERS is off) thats fast, n faster than ferrari i'd guess.

  7. From what ppl on the track is saying is and from the evidence:

    He went into the Inside wall of turn 4.
    The inside tire was blocked prior the impact.
    Turn 4 that is opening .

    From here you can speculate:

    Being a fast exit turn maybe he loose the rear due surge of power.
    Or the left rear tire touched the grass.
    or a mechanical failure.

  8. i am starting to think probably fernando made silly mistake which ended up badly n they are too embarrassed to admit , knowing what i know from news today thats what i think happened.


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