February 21, 2015

Aston DB10 and Jaguar C-X75 Bond filming a chase scene in Rome.

James Bond's Aston Martin DB10 filming in Rome

Spectre, the next James Bond film will include a chase scene on the banks of the Tiber.  The latest Bond car, the Aston Marting DB10 was photographed there along with the Jaguar C-X75 and a more "pedestrian" V12 Vantage.

Presumably,  the magic of editing will make the chase scene look a bit more exciting than it did on home video but, last time the Bond production was playing with cars in Italy,  an Aston Martin DBS did end up in Lake Garda!

Safety boats are probably a good idea.

(via Corriere della Sera)


  1. One thing many neglect to mention is Mercedes is the only engine builder (so far as I've seen) that is running log manifolds. Everybody else (Renault and Ferrari especially) are running tubular manifolds.

    So they're using something a bit less "glamorous" and usually looked down upon in the performance world, but they are making it work.

    This allows the exhaust to retain the heat better and gives a straight shot to the turbo at the expense of how the pulses act in the log.

    Secondly, this allows tighter packaging in the engine bay which also allows for a tighter midsection is where Newey was always targeting on his designs of the RBxx chassis. Mercedes was able to make a more compact midsection on their cars.

    They may not exactly have just a HP advantage, they might have an aero advantage that is working in synergy with the engine.

  2. On crosshead engines the lube oil for the piston is designed to be burnt as part of the process (very long stroke). But one could imagine "tailoring" piston rings to leave a bit of oil on the walls of the chamber. Oil that has been tailored to gazify a certain temp and with a certain catalyst, that happen to be the conditions of the combustion chamber walls during the intake stroke or the power stroke.
    This would be easier to hide from the prying eyes of the FIA, just sayin'

  3. I think the biggest advantage of Mercedez engine from all the rest is the integration of all the system.

    Actually that is something that pilots that switched from Renault to MB are saying. They can't bealive how "easy" is to drive the car and how seamless the power of all the systems is delivered .

    Specific to MB team, I think they advantage only resided in having a great aero package and a great integration of power plant + chassis.

  4. Hydrogen is quite difficult to handle. Hydrogen decomposition is exothermic (if I remember correctly), which would make a very hot engine. If they were producing hydrogen by means of lubricant, the gas would be everywhere, leaking from the gaskets, sumps and other places and we would have seen a lot of "funny" explosions during races and practices, in fact, the car should have caught fire after every race, during park fermé.

  5. Translate http://www.omnicorse.it/magazine/42815/f1-tecnmica-mercedes-sviluppa-una-nuova-iniziezione-diretta and there is your answer. This is a very ridiculous suggestion. Mercedes simply used a high pressure fuel and developed a new injector.


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