April 19, 2008

Bond's Aston Martin DBS swam with the fishes.

Apparently recent budget cutbacks at MI6 have resulted in this Aston Martin DBS not being optioned with the submarine package.

Italian firemen fish out the DBS from Lake Garda into which it plunged, by accident, Saturday morning during the filming of a chase scene for the upcoming Bond flick.

The driver was taken to the hospital with minor bruises where he was treated and then released with a suspected broken sternum.. He was not a stuntman but just a crew member driving the car to the set when he spectacularly ran out of talent on a wet turn. The flight was reported to be about 25 feet and it's not clear how the guy got out. The car ended up under 180 feet (55meters) of water.

The Carabiniere's comment:
 "I would say he was very lucky" , yeah.

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