January 23, 2015

Why WRC is awesome.

Via Rally Channel HD

Rallying is a game of supreme skill but also of luck. It's a fine line between what Ogier pulls off above and running into something solid like Sebastien Loeb and Robert Kubica did on SS8 today.

But rallying is also about not giving up and here again Loeb shows how it's done. Rear corner came off? Nothing a strap and a ratchet can't fix, at least enough to get back to the end of the stage.

It does not look good for Loeb, he's now over 6 minutes behind leader Ogier and might be assessed a further 10 minute penalty if he cannot fix or convince officials he has 4 wheels attached to the car for the upcoming road section.

(thanks Wojtek, our super rally producer!)

Bonus video

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