January 25, 2015

Passing on the grass almost never works...

Leaving pavement in favor of grass almost never works and whatever you do, don't crash into your teammate.

Those are two fundamental rules of racing newly crowned Porsche Supercup champion Earl Bamber got completely wrong at Daytona overnight.

Bamber looks to have misjudged slower traffic at the kink and went wide onto the infield grass. Perhaps it was all over then, perhaps he though he could save it,  either way, he slams into the 911 car driven by Marc Lieb at turn 5 taking them both out.



  1. Lol what were their positions in class at that point of the race?

  2. When team cars (01-02, 3-4, 911-912) intentionally run nose to tail for long periods I get nervous. Because there is no intention to overtake the trailing car can be lulled into focusing on the lead cars bumper instead of down track. Note how hard 911 is braking/squirming at the very beginning and 912 had already bailed.

  3. More importantly, how many hour left in the race? You don't win a race in the first corner; so to speak.

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