November 13, 2014

Watch Kimi Raikkonen hoon a 730 HP Ferrari F12

If you still clung to any faint hope Fernando Alonso might stay at Ferrari after all, forget it.

In Brazil Kimi would have gotten a radio call rather than being allowed to have fun holding up Fernando despite much older tires...

...and you certainly would not have seen Ferrari release a clip of just Kimi, without Alonso,  doing press duties with and F12 at Fiorano.

Kimi being Kimi,  he gives some of the the journos in the right seat some blank WTF stares, although, I did catch at least one smile...

Anyway,  let's hope Kimi and Vettel are more compatible stile wise and that next year, Ferrari can build them a car they can both find "simpatica".

Back to the clip, can I point out the awesome exhaust plume that seems to be shooting out of the left exhaust?


  1. Maybe Marco or Sergio can convince WRC to pay Ferrari 1/2 a Billion to enter WRC, then Kimi can semi retire in style....looks like he still has his rallye driving skills in tact. Look for the new F12 Limited Rallye Edition AWD......

    Too bad Kimi didnt end up with any well endowed , loosely buttoned press ladies....

  2. Full onboard here:

  3. Back in the mid-forties the famously prescient Eugene O'Neill wrote a play entitled "The Iceman Cumeth." I hear Kimi is a big fan. The quirky Finn has certainly entertained us through the years. It was nice to see Kimi fend off Alonso for a few laps. A nice little master class on protecting the inside line during defensive driving.

  4. Damn that thing accelerate out of the corner!
    BTW Kimi talking while doing the scandinavian flick with one hand, epic!

    I think the only way you can make Kimi talk more is with an ice cream or a drink.

    Question, the exhaust plume is cause because the unburned fuel being ignite in the white hot catalyst? and is always to the left I guess due the previous turn, was to the right?


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