October 5, 2014

Jules Bianchi's accident casts a pall over the Japanese GP

The look on Rosberg's, Hamilton's and Vettel's faces said it all.

Alessio De Marco
Lewis Hamilton got the better of his team-mate Nico Rosberg and took a well deserved win at Suzuka but the whole thing became rather meaningless as word of the seriousness of the injuries Jules Bianchi sustained when he crashed into a recovery vehicle.

Lates word is that he's out of surgery and in intensive case.   His roll bar failed in the impact with the crane which was removing  Sutil's car, which had gone off moments earlier.

There will inevitably be controversy because you can argue hitting a heavy machine is much more dangerous than hitting another F1 car.  Perhaps the organizers should have waited for the cars to be all under Safety Car before bringing the crane in.  Perhaps the  Safety car should have been called out earlier.    Perhaps Bianchi just did not realize the yellow was out or simply could not see it.

But it guess to show you how despite all effort and amazing advances, racing will never be "too safe".

All our best wishes to Jules.


  1. Don't the yellows flash on the steering wheel to?
    A big problem is the disregard for yellows, it happens at club/national levels as well big series...
    If he crashed a few meters up people wouldn't be praying just for him...

  2. Good question. I was thinking the same.

  3. WTF? No medical helicopter was on site, according to Ted Kravitz. There was a race a few years back that was delayed because the medical helicopter couldn't land. I thought safety came first? This whole weekend was a cluster $?@&.

  4. Being a Hamilton fan for many years , I was looking forward to many of the comments from the Hammy Haters... Given the fact we finally had a straight race .... No fires during qualy, no sliced tires, contaminated wires , etc .... But sure enough somebody higher up decided to remind is how dangerous Motorsport can be with the wrong set of circumstances.....here's hoping Bianchi recovers to resume his career , I would love to see him in a quality car....Let's hope!


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