October 4, 2014

Lauda wants cars with big tires and 1200hp

Lauda, the cantankerous old grandpa of F1, speaks the truth.  

I would wager 99.9% of racing fans want to see a Formula 1 that not only represents the pinnacle of technology but also the pinnacle of driver skill.   That, as Herr Lauda explains in a post qualifying interview on SkySportsF1, is currently not the case,

"These cars are easy to drive, they are like Formula 3 cars"

Niki's solution?

"Wide aggressive tires, huge wings, 1200 hp so that when you drive through Eau Rouge you (pucker)...,  we have to change Formula 1"

And that is, insert famous Austrian accent here, no "bullshit"!


  1. Lauda needs to be in charge of F1. No team orders, tricky aggressive cars. He could say the sport. Pity it won't happen.

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