September 19, 2014

The importance of proper barriers.

The team behind Circuit of the Americas did a stellar job building a world class facility, the only FIA F1 Certified track in the United States.

FIA certification means a very high level of safety incorporating all the latest advances in the field But, to all those who still insist safety equates to less excitement, let me show you how all that work paid off today.  

I would bet you Tim Bell, the Nissan 370Z driver racing in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge series,  did not find it boring at all.

In this case,  the paved runoff made things worse but the FIA barriers did a superb job absorbing the impact. Contrast this to the recent crash at Watkins Glen.

A stack of tires, bare armco, just don't not cut it anymore and it's really up to all of us racers and enthusiasts to demand every track make the effort to upgrade.   This is why Axis is fully behind efforts of the Motorsport-Safety Foundation and the Sean Edwards Foundation.

We're guessing Tim Bell will be too.


  1. In this situation, reckon the front crumple zone would make it a better choice to just aim straight at the wall?
    It seems that going sideways is a handy way to scrub off a bit of speed, but is it worth it?

  2. Did he have a choice going well over 100mph+????

  3. While the barriers here worked very well, I though the tires in Montreal did a good job for Massa

  4. 90 seconds for the safety crew to get there... Shameful.

  5. 90 seconds for the safety crew to get there...



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