February 22, 2014

Nobody would be crazy enough to rally a Porsche GT2, would they?

If you've ever had the opportunity to drive a Porsche 997 GT2 you might agree turning one into a rally car is just wrong, on so many levels.
Gilles and his co-driver after the crash

Flogging a race prepped GT2 on Michelin tarmac "slicks" on a damp, leafy mountain road with only small trees between you and an abyss well, that would take some major, major balls.

But then again,  you are not a French rally driver are you?

It's not uncommon in France for Porsches to be used for rallying and that is just cool.
Sure it's slower but there is something about a RWD car wrestling switchbacks that's will invariably warm the cockles of even the most anti-luddites among us,  the same way Roser will always be cooler than Block.

Gilles Nantet used to campaign a 997 GT3 until a nasty crash ended his 2013 season early.    Clearly, this did not dampen his spirit or sense of humor because you do need a good sense of humor to choose GT2 as your next act after a big one like that!

So Gilles, vous ĂȘtes un "magnificent bastard" and Axis salutes you!

Bonne chance pour le 2014.
(hat tip to Master!)


  1. Breaks my heart to see that GT3. Then again, it died racing...

  2. This is the man


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