February 22, 2014

Kimi made quite an impression....onto the wall

Slight issue with a curb and a wall for Kimi on the last day of testing in Bahrain.  Curb plus turbo torque plus pushing equalled one bent Ferrari.

Laps turned pie charts by Minardi.com
More crucial we saw cars lapping within one second of last year's pole time in Bahrain.  Mind you this is with cars with massively reduced aero, a tiny engine and engineered to use a third less fuel.  Because Formula 1 is awesome despite all the naysayers.

The key to this testing session is the number of laps turned,  don't get caught up in lap times.  By number of laps turned, mercedes teams have a definite edge with Ferrari second and Renault in the back.

The final testing session is next week.  We should see some aero development and real race setups then.     More crucially, after that session engine specs will be frozen.   Expect Renault to petition for an extension.


  1. yeah +1 to the camera guy for missing pretty much everything..

  2. Is that Ferrari's new Orca wing?

  3. So this is what he was rehearsing last week with the La Ferrari at Mugello...


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