January 23, 2014

Williams first to give F1 the finger with the FW36

The Williams FW36 looks normal from the side...

The dreaded "finger nose", long predicted as being the most obvious solution to comply with 2014 nose height regs while maximizing flow to the bottom of the car, here it is.

not crazy about this "virtual" reveal trend this year, but I suppose its a way for the smaller teams to make a bit of a splash ahead if the pack.

Williams Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds:

"The launch-spec aerodynamic package that you see here was finalised in the first week of December, with an upgrade package for Melbourne’s season-opener signed off in early January.
“F1 is still going to be an aerodynamic formula in 2014,”

“There are some significant changes: the nose is lower than last year and the front wing is narrower, which means the end plates are now more shrouded by the front tyre. The rear wing isn’t as deep as last year and the beam wing below it is no longer permitted, and we’ve also lost the ability to use the exhaust to enhance aero performance.”

“I’m confident that we’ll be closer to the front aerodynamically than we were last year,” says Symonds. “Our ambition for the year ahead is to have a strong 2014 season.”

Well, certainly, without Pastor, there will be less finger noses to make.


  1. If I ran my own F1 team, regardless of sponsors wishes, I'd paint the very tip of the nose (the first 10" at least) a fleshly pink color. Jeez. Years ago Jacques Villeneuve was right on the money when he made the comment that, "F1 will eventually morph into F3...and that's a bad thing." Can't we reset the clock to 1992 with the proper V10's, wider bodied cars, and wider tires? Those were the days! This is why I refuse to cough up the dough to travel to a modern GP. It ain't worth it. 2014 is already looking like the year of dinky car design, dinky car sound, and dinky double points at the last rate.

  2. so disgusting...

    As for Pat words..I think are spot on...
    Last year when they tried the exhaust with coanda was so bad that disrupted the entire en flow.

    Without the coanda in the last races there showed a pace to be in the top 10.

    so yes, this year they could be closer.

  3. Sorry for the double post... but I just saw this in response of the double point rule...

    And is epic:


  4. I like the proliferation of massive cocks on the front of F1 cars, it's a great tribute to the return of Ron Dennis.


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