January 22, 2014

Now we should be worried about Schumacher's prospects

Forget sensationalistic, click grabbing headlines from  the tabloids,  reading what Gary Hartstein had to say today, even with all the appropriate caveats, was beyond chilling.

...First off let me say that it is EXTREMELY unlikely (I’d honestly say virtually impossible) that the Michael we knew prior to this fall will ever be back. 
I think that it will have to be considered to be a triumph of human physical resiliency, and of modern neurointensive care, if Michael is able to walk, feed himself, dress himself, and if he retains significant elements of his previous personality. If recovery proceeds to this point (which is totally POSSIBLE, if perhaps rather improbable), it is an open question as to how well the “higher functions” (memory, concentration, reading, planning, etc) will recover. Please note, I would love to be proven wrong about this! 


Please read the complete article HERE


  1. When his wife told the reporters and supports at the hospital to go home, I knew Schumi was in a fight against the odds. I didn't take it as a good sign. What makes it even worse is that 2014 is also the 20th Anniversary of Senna's accident. :o( This isn't the first time Schumi has been in a jam though. The guy could still pull through. I can't remember specifically which GP it was, but it was the race where he pulled into the pits for some go-go juice, the car caught fire, Schumi stayed in the car calm and cool as a cucumber until they put the fire out, he sped away and ended up finishing in the points. The mighty German still could pull through!!!! KEEP FIGHTING SCHUMI!!!!!

  2. His experience notwithstanding, is it in good taste to publish such estimations? I understand he covers himself with caveats, but at the end of the day, it's still a new incident, and a very hard family matter. But to reach seemingly forgone conclusions, I don't know, seems off putting. While it may be rooted in reality, the only ones who know the situation first hand are MS's medical team and his family.

  3. I think he's clearing the air more than anything, having been brought in and misquoted by the Daily Mail.

  4. I get that, but in the big picture, few knew who he was till he started making conjectures and being interviewed to begin with. Better to just stay off to the side, send the family your well wishes, vs tossing yourself into the fire IMHO. Things working to Schumi's advantage are he is seemingly in great health, he has a good team around him, and because of his talents, he has nearly unlimited resources at his family's disposal. Coma's tend to not be short roads, but long journey's and hopefully he will get through this


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