January 24, 2014

#clusterfu*k: Lotus falling apart .

Eric Bouillier
Incredible, Lotus team principal Eric Boullier quits Team Lotus and, according to most of the British press, will go to Mclaren to take Martin Whitmarsh's job.   CEO Gerard Lopez will do double duty as team principal at Lotus despite having no experience at it.

Gerard Lopez
That Whitmarsh would get canned (or promoted out) was expected but Boullier's move to Woking, if confirmed, takes everyone by surprise.  Especially so as this was announced within hours of the 2014 car presentation and that, usually, personnel take a six month sabbatical  between teams.

Lotus, one of the top four team last season, is left decimated: lead designer James Allison and Kimi Raikkonen  left for Ferrari,  it failed to pay many on its staff, failed to complete their 2014 car in time for the Jerez test next week, had to hire Pastor Maldonado.  

A fall from grace Lotus will be hard pressed to put a cute hashtag to.

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