January 24, 2014

190 mph in the Axis Ferrari 458 Challenge at Daytona.

Carlos Gomez, Axis of Oversteer 458 Challenge at Daytona. Photo: Halston Pitman.

Carlos Gomez,  qualified fourth for the 2014 Ferrari Challenge season opener at Daytona International Speedway

Gomez's lap of 1:48.689 assured him a spot on row two of the grid along with  Ryan Ockey and just  behind  Ricardo Perez and pole sitter  Harry Cheung.

The race will start Friday morning at 10:30 AM ET.  Live timing and scoring is available at Livetiming.net/fc  Race two will take place Saturday morning.

Having no wing is a big help on the long straights at Daytona but it makes the braking zones..a bit hairy!


  1. Really bad news for f1....loose one of the tops teams...

    The mp4 29 look ugly as hell.
    The FW look as ugly as the mp4
    the E22 has double dicks.

  2. LOL... I hope they got this right because that looks all right


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